Watch The Bandhavi Story: An Initiative To Help The Daughters of Devadasis

Bandhavi is an initiative by the Bangalore-based organization Visthar. Bandhavi is Visthar’s initiative for girls who are at risk of being dedicated as devadasis. Currently 100+ girls hailing from villages in North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh participate in a residential school program that enables them to grow as individuals, as well as build a community that lives in love, respect, trust and friendship.

Corporate Initiative: Help Atmaram And His Sheep Survive Harsh Winters (Tata Capital’s ‘Half Stories’ Series)

Tata Capital Limited has recently launched an initiative that connects with individuals and communities living in some of the remotest parts of the country and brings to light their unique stories, dreams and challenges. Called ‘Half Stories – The Journey of Doing Right’ because the other half of the story is going to be scripted by ordinary people like you and me, who can come forward to help the people in need realise their dreams and improve their lives. Read how you can be a part of this.
The 18 girls in their traditional attire, lifting the trophy at Victoria Gastiez, Spain

TBI Inspirations: An Incredible Journey From Jharkhand To Spain For This All-Girls Football Team

For several days now, our readers have been pointing us to a remarkably inspiring story that was making waves on social media but had not received its due coverage in conventional media. As we prepared to run the article today, it was heartening to see that it also appeared on the front page of The Hindu, covered by one of our freelance writers, Anumeha Yadav. Here we piece together the amazing story for you, compiled from the many sources that our readers have sent us, and for which we would like to thank them.
Ahar Pyne system in Gaya, South Bihar; Image courtesy: Hindi Water Portal

TBI Videos: Magadh Jal Jamaat Helps Revive 2000-year old Flood Water Harvesting Systems in Gaya, Bihar

Magadh Jal Jamaat, a loose network of progressive individuals in Gaya has been successfully able to revive over a dozen abandoned water sources and have instilled in people the need to create, clean up and conserve several lakes and ponds in the region. The problem of water scarcity had been of late afflicting the region, which once had a good system of ponds. But through their efforts, the group has managed to revive the traditional methods of irrigation, which are now more effective than the largest irrigation system in the area.
Dr. Mapuskar explaining the principles of the sopa sandas (Photo: Chicu Lokgariwar)

TBI Heroes: Dr. Mapuskar – A Life Dedicated To Improving Rural Sanitation In India

Dr. Mapuskar has been working relentlessly in the field of rural sanitation for over 50 years now, and helped develop many innovative methods and technologies to create a sanitation revolution even before it was the rising concern that it is today. His principles of community ownership and his search for appropriate technology that suits the Indian conditions have left a legacy that can be adopted all over the nation for maximum impact. He is truly a TBI Hero.