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We are using the power of the internet and media to enable large-scale impact, through empowering and uplifting stories.

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The Massive Impact You Helped Us Create

The one where you helped us feed thousands daily

The one where you helped us reward the COVID-19 soldiers of the country

And more

Throughout 2020, we at The Better India hoped to provide our readers with a little solace by bringing to you positive stories of courage, determination and strength.
And what was the common thread between all of these heroes? You, our readers. Without your help, these ideas would have been small scale, or may even have never gotten off the ground

Helping Fulfil the Dreams of Children

Campaign to support 32 children

Readers raised Rs. 5 Lakh

To help sponsor the education of children from low-income backgrounds.

In December 2019, we at The Better India had made a New Year’s Resolution — that in 2020, and in the years to follow, we will work with our readers and help sponsor the education of children from low-income backgrounds in Bengaluru.
Sticking to that resolution, we launched the #ProjectDreamSchool, by getting together with Dream School Foundation to sponsor 32 children studying in government, semi government-aided and private schools.

The Power of a Story. The Power of You.

A Lake Where There Was None

The Much-Needed Talk About Sustainable Periods in Schools

And more

Here’s to you and the people whose brilliance led to these stories in the first place. Look what you created
We go back to all the amazing stories of courage, determination, strength, and passion that we shared with you, and to understand the impact they created across the country and in so many lives.

Helped India's First Signal School

Campaign to support 40 children

Readers raised over Rs. Rs 600,000

Helped the school with initial costs

Support and funds to help establish India’s first registered traffic signal school
“When we started in 2016, we were just a concept. Today in 2019, thanks to the support of The Better India, the world knows about us and our work. We have expanded from one school to three, and teach a total of 42 children! Two of our children even cleared their Class 10 exams, and are studying further.”

#FreePeriod with 1500 school girls

#FreePeriod, a campaign with private schools in Bengaluru

Spread awareness about sustainable menstruation

Experts working in the field of sustainability joined the campaign

1500 girls from different schools across the city have been reached out to as part of the campaign.
Our idea was to help change the mindsets of girls from a young age, give them information on various sustainable options out there, and encourage them to embrace their periods with positivity.

Transformed how 50 lakh kids learn

Inspiring ripple effect of one article

Education project impacting hundreds launched.

Project implemented in 8 states

One article’s ripple effect helped this project impact 50 lakh students
Started with the aim of taking quality education to children from underprivileged and/or rural background, Eckovation bridges the gap between home and school and also brings students in touch with teachers, irrespective of their financial background.

Influenced Policy Shift

J&K Chief Justice shares story

Waste segregation centres set up

Project Tsangda a massive success

J&K Chief Justice uses our article as example for all concerned districts

Project Tsangda is an initiative in the Ladakh region to help deal with non-biodegradable waste. Our coverage of the story was sent to all concerned districts by the J&K Chief Justice to be followed as an example. We are very pleased that this brilliant solution will benefit more people!

Helped village folk fight drought

#FightDrought - campaign for 20,000 residents

Readers raised over Rs. 10,00,000

Two village ponds restored

Restoration of Two Ponds in Tamil Nadu, Impacting the Lives of 24,000 People

Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu was one of the worst-hit districts in the region a few years ago. Many farmers committed suicide. TBI readers got together to raise over INR 11 lakhs, which resulted in the construction of 2 ponds over 7.5 acres. 20,000 villagers have benefited from this!

Brought home light and water

A village never had electricity

Raised Rs 2.9 lakh

Set up handpumps and solar street lights

We brought electricity to a village for the first time

Pimpaldhara – a village in Maharashtra, did not have electricity and the nearest water source was at least an hour away by walk. With our special series, we raised money and installed solar street lights, built a bore-well, and distributed solar lamps and cookers to each household. This has had a huge transformative effect on the villagers’ lives!

Spread the light of education

22 Odisha villages

1000 lamps donated in a week

A Diwali that brightened lives

1000+ children across 22 Odisha villages given solar lamps

Children in 22 villages in Odisha that were off the grid faced a huge problem – they couldn’t study after dark. Our Diwali campaign urged our readers to donate solar lamps and we had over 1,000 lamps donated in a span of 1 week. What a way to bring a light that has lasting impact into someone’s life!

Skilled women for better livelihoods

An initiative for farmer widows

Skill training for sustainable businesses

35 farmer widows now have sustainable businesses

In order to help the families of farmers who’ve committed suicide, we decided to skill and train 35 farmer widows. Today, these widows are running sustainable businesses such as tailoring and tiffin delivery.

Gifted a way out of poverty

A farmer tilled land with cot

Story goes viral

Got donations from generous readers

A farmer was gifted money, a plough and cattle

Vithoba was a poor farmer in abject poverty. We published a photo of him tilling his land with his cot – and that got our readers to help him out immediately. Together, our readers donated to Vithoba money, a plough and two bullocks!

Helped cancer patients find a new voice

Frugal innovation by an Oncologist

Voice prosthesis for throat cancer patients

Virality ensures thousands benefit

Bangalore-based oncologist receives recognition from Obama’s Healthcare Team

Dr. Vishal Rao’s invention – a voice-prosthesis device at an astonishing price of Rs. 50 (less than $1) was watched keenly by medical and healthcare teams the world over! Our video on his invention also led to many throat cancer victims reaching out to him to get their voices back.

Fulfilled a teenager’s dream

Bucket list of a boy with HIV

Video goes viral

Earns a music scholarship

Our video on the aspirations of an HIV positive youth earned him a scholarship

Tarun, from Happy Feet Home, is a young boy who is HIV positive. We created a video on Tarun’s Bucket List, and the top-most item on his list was to become a DJ. The video was viewed by many and this led to the True School of Music offering him a free scholarship to learn DJ-ing skills!

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