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  1. You (or your excellent team) seems to have read my mind someway, that you’ve described exactly the same thoughts in my mind.

    I’m a strong positive.

    And I force my way through all the negative stuff, by spreading positivity, via blogging, tweeting, public speaking and so on..

    And, I’m happy about the way things have turned out till now.

    I seek an alliance with you.
    I would be honoured, if I get contacted.

    BTW, I’m a teen from Kerala.

  2. I was once listening to an interview of Dr. Abdul Kalam on TV. There was a point that he made which has stuck ever since. He said that the first few pages of the newspaper that we read must have happy things to read; good things to read. That way, one will start his day on a happy note.

    I am glad that you have started there is an online version to read, if not on paper. 🙂

  3. Really a very good website to go through every morning, and i’ll start doing that from today….[:)]

  4. very good website u give to all people the new vision of batter india , this is not a paper it’s real india.

  5. Hello,

    Please let me know how can i be a part of this great effort

    thanks & regards,


  6. I always wondering that when we will see good news in our News Papers? but I had no hope. However this web site has rekindled my hope for better India. I congratulate entire team for this praiseworthy effort.

  7. I am not sure that quest shall be really to hear good news or shall it be to hear the right news without any polish. I do agree that the so called good news isn’t always published but at the same time, people do like to read about the evil more so because it helps keep them warned of some of the evils that they may get directly impacted by. Good ot Bad, News is news. Can’t change the face of the society just by publishing that things are hunky dory. Things need to be always balanced.

  8. LOve d initiatative taken by u ppl keep going…
    make india a better place to live, breath and dream..
    thank you

  9. Many thanks!  I have always wanted to see something like this!

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