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The Better India

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Partner with us to bring your brand purpose to life.

The Better India reaches out to an audience that matters for your brand – 60 million+ engaged, conscious consumers who care about the brands they support and the media they consume.

Our Audience


Policy-makers, senior government officials, and leaders from the world of business, politics and entertainment read us. With a reach of 60 Mn +, we are your perfect platform to create meaningful content and engagement.


Our community is aspirational, optimistic, progressive, action-oriented and ethically-conscious. If your brand’s mission is to bring a community driven large-scale positive impact in the country, look no further.


Associate with an audience that spends millions annually on various social causes and philanthropic initiatives. Get access to high-value demographics with more graduates than any other general interest platform and higher ownership of durables. 


With over 60m+ reach across web and social platforms, over 350M yearly video views, we have a loyal base of highly engaged readers that believe in doing, not just  reading. Talk to your your TG in English, Hindi and Malayalam languages

Campaigns for every budget

Whatever be the size of your business, we can create a custom campaign plan that is just right for you. We have created campaigns for over 700 small and medium businesses and over 200 international giants.

Numbers that speak for themselves

50 Million

Monthly consumers

350 Million

Yearly video views

People love consuming content that is positive & uplifting Here's the proof


Young, educated and affluent

Twice as many


Over 4x as
many iPhone

How we can help you connect with our audience

Positive News Takeover

Narrate positive stories of your brand to our audience, and experience on-ground change. 

Display Advertising

Explore display in different formats- in article banners, website takeover, video banners etc

Native Articles

Authentic non-fictional stories of real people. Rooted in impact, driven by purpose.

Live Webinars & workshops

Influencers hosting workshops on topics ranging from gardening to photography – designed to engage the community.


Podcasts with your brand in focus, covering a range of curated topics that sync with your band values. 

Branded Content

Integrate with our existing properties or create exclusive across web series, articles, original videos, social media and tell your brand’s story.


In-house, exclusive videos customised to fit your brand’s story and objective.

CSR Corner

Tell beneficiary led stories coming out of your CSR initiatives to a larger audience.

India's most successful brand campaigns

Brands that have made the world a better place with us

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Environment, Education, Empowerment, Education, Nutrition, Mobility or Sanitation

Showcase your brand as a part of the solution.

In a world where your customers demand a business that not just delivers great products and services, but also contributes to the greater good, it is crucial that you are seen as a driver of positive change.  


We work with brands to co-create non-fictional content, humanize your brand values and inspire millions. Collaborate with The Better India to amplify your brand’s purpose. 

How can you partner with us?

Choose from our range of different content formats:

Whatever your business, we have a curated offering that is just right for you. 

We have told the story of 700 different small businesses and over 200 international giants, delivering for your business objective.





Social media stories



Integrated brand campaigns

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