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About MG Changemakers
Season 3

To create meaningful change, we must celebrate diversity, cherish experiences and foster innovation. The Better India and MG Motor India come together to co-create MGChangemakers Season 3, recognising and commemorating heroes who are using innovation for social change. MGChangemakers are a courageous set of pioneers from across the country, from various cultural backgrounds and age groups — who have a common goal of improving the lives of their fellow citizens. On this platform, meet the changemakers, watch, read and listen to their stories, and most importantly, be a part of their journeys of change.


The Journey Continues


"It was my grandmother who instilled the love of creative upcycling in me. To find new value in old things. After all solving problems is a human thing."



"It came as a total surprise when I learnt that deaf find it difficult to comprehend text. I knew that I had to do something to bridge this gap."



"Happiness for many is about enjoying the moment. But for me, it's about helping other people become self-reliant so they can give wings to their dreams."



From being married off at the age of 12, when she did not know how to read or write, to becoming the first Dalit member of the Editor’s Guild of India — this is an inspiring journey of grit and passion. Meet Kavitha Devi, founder of Khabar Lahariya, an all-women rural news network that is constantly creating change in Uttar Pradesh.



I believe that public spaces and active streets are the soul of any city. Why shouldn't women enjoy them with total freedom and not have to feel scared everytime they step out?



What started as a childhood dream of building cars has now brought these two sisters on an innovative path — one that could help make the future of vehicles truly electric



Kerala Eco-Innovator Upcycles PPE Scrap, Makes 700 Mattresses For COVID Centres

With her eco-friendly mattresses, Lakshmi Menon aimed resolve two pressing issues – waste management and lack of bedding at many COVID centres

Pune Duo’s Startup Creates Virtual TV, Library To Educate 12,000 Deaf People

Pune-based startup, Bleetech Innovations, is aiding people with hearing impairments attain quality education that doesn’t focus on oralism, speech therapy or lip-reading.

IIT Prof Designs Over 200 Backpacks with Solar Lights To Help Kids in Villages Study

Charu Monga, professor at IIT Guwahati, shares how she created the solar-powered waterproof backpacks ‘Jugnu’, using recycled plastic.

This Woman Was Married off at 12. Today She Runs an All-Women Rural News Network

Kavita Devi runs Khabar Lahariya, a digital rural news network, with a team of 30 women reporters. She is the only dalit member of the Editor’s Guild of India.

This App Is Helping 1 Lakh Women Across 16 Countries Take The Safest Route Home

Delhi-based Kalpana Vishwanath launched Safetipin, a crowdsourcing app where a user can login and submit key information regarding streets, and how safe they are to use. The app has also reached cities such as Bogota, Hanoi, Manila, Bengaluru, Dhaka, Nairobi, and many other urban spaces.

Odisha Sisters Plan to Make EV Batteries From Crop Residue, Cut Cost by Up To 40%

Watch how these sisters, Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh from Odisha, launched Nexus Powers in 2019, with an aim to build electric vehicles by replacing lithium ones with crop residue in the batteries.


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