Project Dream School

Project Dream School

Join The Better India in sponsoring the education of 32 students studying in government, semi government-aided and private schools.

These are students from low-income backgrounds in Bengaluru who have finished their higher primary schooling from government schools in the city but are at the risk of dropping out because of their difficult financial situations. 

With your support, The Better India aims to help them finish their schooling while ensuring they receive the holistic education they deserve.

Support A Dream

“I could no longer sit back and watch. I had to act.”

Believe me, the happiness on the faces of these youngsters is unmatched when they find their dream jobs. They beam with pride as they tell us that their starting salary is what their parents earn in months or even a year!
Maitreyee Kumar

Who are these students?

These are students associated with the Dream School Foundation (DSF), an organisation working to make quality education, overall development and a happy childhood a daily reality for children.

Why you should help ?

The students come from vulnerable groups like children rehabilitated from child labour, those coming from dire socio-economic conditions, those who have lost their parents, etc.

Your support will go a long way in helping them stay in school and realise their dreams.

The one thing that connects these kids is their eagerness to continue and finish their education in the school of their choice and their dreams.

With their HeadStart program, the Dream School Foundation is working to assist, mentor and monitor such children who are susceptible to dropping out of school at the Higher Primary stage.

How You Can Help ?

The Better India is raising Rs 4.88 Lakh to support the students in terms of their fees, educational supplies, after-school programs and nutrition. You can join in by donating and spreading the word about this campaign. 


Check out our recent posts to stay up to date with the campaign.

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