‘Gold Composter’ — an innovative organic waste composter developed by the startup ‘Waste is Gold Technologies’ can swiftly transform 20 kg to 10 tonnes of waste into ‘nutrient-rich compost’ in just eight hours, all while emitting zero harmful emissions.

India grapples with a staggering waste crisis, generating 62 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) annually. Shockingly, only one-fifth of this waste is processed and treated, leaving the majority to clog landfills.

Addressing this pressing environmental concern, Bengaluru-based Waste is Gold Technologies — founded by Sandeep Tiwari — has stepped up with innovations like the Gold Composter.

The startup prides itself on its commitment to employing a completely natural bio-mechanical process, ensuring rapid breakdown of organic waste without releasing harmful emissions like methane into the environment.

Moreover, the Gold Composter aligns with India's Solid Waste Management Policy 2016, empowering bulk waste generators to process their waste on-site.

This not only reduces the burden on landfills but also fosters a cleaner environment and reduces the carbon footprint. Before processing, a crucial step known as ‘meticulous waste resegregation’ ensures the production of high-quality compost.

The startup invested approximately five years in extensive research and development before perfecting its flagship Gold Composter. Their first prototype set them apart as it consumed half the time in comparison to their competitors.

Citizens have found the composter extremely helpful because of its remarkable ability to generate compost on the same day the organic waste is processed, without emitting methane or unpleasant odours.

“An exciting endeavour on the horizon is the launch of a portable composter specifically designed for individual villas and houses. This move aims to empower homeowners to actively participate in sustainable waste management practices,” says Tiwari.

The startup is actively seeking external funding to propel its cutting-edge technology to a wider audience and make a more significant impact in the realm of sustainable waste management.