‘Accidents Broke Us, but We Found Each Other in a Strange Coincidence’: A Unique Love Story

Neha and

Based out of Navi Mumbai, Neha and Anup met at a medical convention only to find unbelievably similar facts about each other’s lives. Watch the video to know about this couple’s astonishing journey.

We’ve heard fictional stories of star-crossed lovers and how destiny made their paths cross. But, here is a real-life story which is no less romantic than a fictional one.

Nehal Thakkar and Anup Chandran met at a medical convention over a decade ago and found that they shared a tragedy with details that were uncanny!

They both were in a similar car accident on the same road at the same spot in the same car model. The only difference was that the accidents happened two years apart. Anup was in an accident on 22 June 2003 and Neha on 22 November 2005. Both Neha and Anup suffered spinal injuries and lost their ability to walk after the accident.

“The similarities were so shocking — it was on the same spot on Palm Beach road in Navi Mumbai. And we had both been in a Maruti Zen when we met with the accident. Just the dates were different,” Neha tells The Better India.

When the duo met and shared their stories, they bonded immediately. “We started dating each other eventually. We were together for a long time before finally deciding to get married,” says Anup.

“We wanted to be independent enough to get married. While I was a little scared, Neha was absolutely sure. We have been happily married for five years now,” he shares, adding that it was never “love at first sight”. It took patience and time for their relationship to grow.

Edited by Pranita Bhat

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