[VIDEO] These Women are Taking News to 600 Villages in UP and Bihar

Belonging to marginalised communities in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, these women are breaking many barriers and stereotypes on a daily basis. They work with India’s first newspaper run entirely by women, and are successfully taking grassroots journalism to a whole new level.

[VIDEO] Chai-Wala in the Morning, Educator during the Day

D. Prakash Rao is a chai wala in Cuttack, Odisha. Denied the opportunity to complete school as a child, today he is educating the children of slum dwellers. Watch this video to learn more about this remarkable man and his mission.

VIDEO: Did You Know There Are 4 More Stanzas to Jana Gana Mana? And They’re Even More Beautiful!

This video features the complete and original Bengali lyrics of Rabindranath Tagore's five stanza hymn, a part of which is used as the national anthem of India. Showcased from a different angle, it takes us through a journey of India's independence struggle, while portraying other very important issues. The anthem has been sung in some beautiful voices. Listen and be mesmerised by the melodious song, of which only the first part is so well known to all of us.

VIDEO: Watch the Journey of India’s Independence through Dance

What does true freedom mean to you? Is it the freedom to move around freely in the country? Is it freedom to speak up your mind? Or is it to just be yourself? Watch the beautiful video that portrays true freedom through various dance forms with the help of amazing poetry by poetess and aspiring novelist Priyam Redican.

VIDEO: This Is What Happens When You Let a Foodie Create a Map of India!

Are you a foodie? Well, some believe that Indian food makes a foodie out of anyone. And if you are a foodie who loves to travel, you can have a blast here. Because all of our famous tourist destinations are backed by at least one special dish which we MUST try out when visiting. With this beautifully animated video, explore the 'Delhicious' food map of India.

VIDEO: Chennai Got Its Very Own Graffiti Crew. It Might Never Look the Same Again!

Graffiti, which began as a form of rebellion, has now grown into a beautiful art form being used by artists all across the world to express themselves. They use some amazing colours, deep messages and attractive patterns to give a completely new look to whichever wall or street they touch. In this video, watch the members of Chennai’s first graffiti crew tell us what it takes to be a graffiti artist in India.