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This Film on LGBTQ Community Was Not Only Aired on DD but Also Given a ‘U’ Certificate

Purple Skies – a film that portrays the voices of lesbians, bisexuals and transmen in India, has been granted a Universal (U) certificate by the censor board. After being broadcast on Doordarshan earlier this year, it is all set to be screened across the country now.

We live in a very complicated nation. A country marked with numerous taboos, restrictions, prejudices, and ridiculous biases.

And one of the glaring examples of these is the fact that we breathe in a country where something as unfortunate, and dangerous, as section 377 is still around.

purple skies1

But as Dumbledore said in one of the Harry Potter movies, ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’

We found that light last year, in the form of a documentary film called Purple Skies – A film that portrays the voices of lesbians, bisexuals and transmen in India.

purple skies2

Real people talking about real challenges that they face in their day-to-day life because of something as simple as their sexual orientation.

And it does so in a beautiful, touching and inspiring manner, sending across the message to the society in just the right way.

purple skies3

Directed by filmmaker and activist Sridhar Rangayan, the first part of this documentary was aired on Doorsdarshan in the beginning of this year. That was a major achievement in itself – for a film of this genre to be broadcast on national television.

It has now also received a Universal (U) rating certificate from the censor board and is all set to be screened across India.

purple skies4

Ever since its release in May last year, the film has been widely recognized and has been screened at 27 international film festivals. Produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) in association with Solaris Films, the documentary was recently screened at the India International Center in Delhi as a part of the Open Frame Film Festival and Forum organized by PSBT.

“At my first workspace, I could never be open and say that I am gay,” says one of the women in the film.

purple skies10

“How am I supposed to tell my father and mother that I am not a criminal,” asks another.

purple skies9

The film, as appears from its trailer, is a truly empowering one. But also heart-breaking at most times. It brings forward the struggles, the fights, and the courage of people from the LGBTQ community with the help of interviews with them.

These interviews have been conducted between 2008 and 2013; that is, starting from a year before the Delhi HC decriminalised consensual adult same-sex relations and continuing till shortly after the SC overturned that ruling.

purple skies7

“There are many many of us…once we start coming out will this change…and I am not going to go back…the fight is totally on,” says one of the protagonists after the SC ruling, instilling a sense of strength in all others who are struggling like her.

purple skies8

“While shooting for this film I have met some the bravest lesbian women – like Betu Singh, Maya Lisa-Shanker, Shobhna S.Kumar and Raj Kanaujiya who have put their own life at stake to help other women. Purple Skies is a salute to their spirit,” says Rangayan in an interview here.

Watch the trailer of the trailblazing movie here.

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