Supporting The Better India

Frequently Asked Questions & More

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Better India. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might find helpful before making your contribution

Is The Better India a not-for-profit?

No. We are a for-profit, private limited company. The Better India is a property owned by Vikara Media Private Limited, a company registered in India.

What are your sources of funding?

a) We had an initial round of investment in 2015 from a group of angel investors comprising of industry veterans and people from our friends and family networks.
b) We work with companies to get advertisements and sponsorship for our content
c) We also have received financial support from an independent foundation named The Independent & Public Spirited Media Foundation

Why do you still require readers to contribute?

We are on a mission to become every Indian’s daily dose of inspirational & positive news – thereby driving a large-scale change in the collective conscience of our nation. In order to make this happen, the above listed sources of funds help us.

But we also run many social-impact campaigns every month – ranging from fighting drought, funding urban slum schools, helping farmers and more. Your support helps us to do more such impact-driven campaigns!
Your contributions help us to invest in more talent, more technology and thus do ‘better’ stories and eventually – make India believe in itself as a nation.

Do I get a tax exemption when I contribute to The Better India?

No. Since we are a for-profit company, you do not get a tax exemption. What you do get though is a receipt confirming your payment.

I want to make a larger contribution. Can I?

Firstly, thank you! And yes, you can indeed! Click here to make a contribution of your choice.