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VIDEO: This Is What Happens When You Let a Foodie Create a Map of India!

Are you a foodie? Well, some believe that Indian food makes a foodie out of anyone. And if you are a foodie who loves to travel, you can have a blast here. Because all of our famous tourist destinations are backed by at least one special dish which we MUST try out when visiting. With this beautifully animated video, explore the ‘Delhicious’ food map of India.

“Indian food is like classical music raga – it takes time to build up to a crescendo.” — Shobhaa Dé

The thrilling aroma, a multitude of ingredients, variety that never ends, and of course, the tempting colours – Indian food means different things to different people.

food2 (2)

Photo Credit: Loic Schulé/Flickr

For some it is all about the simplicity, and for others it’s all about the bursting, popping, dancing spices. To some it means savouring the surprises, and to others it means recognising every flavour just from the smell.

food3 (2)

Photo Credit: Harsha K R/Flickr

For some, it is unique because of the number of things that can be found on one plate, and for others it is all about the comfort of consistency.


So when an Indian food lover decided to make a map of the country, it turned out to be Delhicious.

How can one think about Taj Mahal without yearning for some of Agra’s famous pethas? Or plan a trip to Bhopal without thinking of its mouth-watering speciality – Poha Jalebi?


Hungry already? There’s more. A lot more in fact. Watch the food map of India unfold, here.

[embedvideo id=”WisPcbLSfHQ” website=”youtube”]

The video was originally published here.

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