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VIDEO: How a Man with Down Syndrome Started Living an Independent Life


Meet Krishna Teja, a man who lives with Down Syndrome. While his life began with several hardships, he has turned it around in a very a beautiful and inspiring manner. Today, he does not have to be dependent on anyone for his well-being. This video shows what a day in his life looks like, and highlights his motivating spirit. 

Krishna Teja was diagnosed with Down Syndrome (DS), 21 days after he was born. He spent his childhood surrounded with many severe health problems, and was almost bed ridden up to the age of 7.

Today, an always smiling and fun loving Krishna is an inspiration for many.



Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder. The condition leads to intellectual disability and some of its common physical traits include low muscle tone, small stature, an upward slant to the eyes, etc. Every year, between 23,000 and 29,000 children in India are born with DS.

Krishna’s journey has been marked by several hurdles. On the 3rd day after his birth, he was diagnosed with TB, which happened just because the BCG vaccine given to him was not sterilised well. The medication given for the cure of TB led to further problems. Its side effects harmed his liver, and he needed medical attention for quite some time.

Slowly, with proper care and lot of love, his physical condition began to improve.



His father always wanted Krishna to be completely independent. He used to take him out, wherever he went, and kept encouraging Krishna to do things on his own.


He was sent to a special school where he learnt all basic life skills. Since the age of 19, he has also been going to work at an office. This helps him develop his social and vocational skills and he is involved in tasks like photocopying and scanning of documents.

A regular and disciplined employee, Krishna is the life of his workplace and is loved by all his colleagues.



Today, he lives separately in a flat, without his parents, just to be able to spend life without seeking help from others.





Krishna’s father, Hari Babu has also started the Sai Krishna Teja Foundation, along with other parents and relatives, to work for the improvement in quality of life of people living with intellectual disabilities by providing medical support, independent living options, and more.

Watch the video showing what a day in Krishna’s life looks like:

[embedvideo id=”fKvTMVHzxts” website=”youtube”]

If you can’t view the video above, please click here to watch it on Youtube.


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