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VIDEO: This Man’s 10,000 km Long Journey on Foot Is the Most Inspiring Thing You’ll Watch Today

Arjun Bhogal is on a unique mission. He has been walking since the past three years with the aim of raising funds for two organizations which are working in the fields of water and marine conservation. In 2012, he started off from the UK with a friend, and is right now moving towards Australia. Watch this interesting walk and talk with Arjun who was recently spotted in India.

On April 1, 2012 two men started off on a unique mission – that of raising money for organizations which are working in the fields of water and marine conservation, and of raising awareness about water conservation. And this, they decided, would be done completely and entirely on foot – no cars, no buses, no trains.

So they started walking, and one of them has been walking till date. Starting from Cardiff, Wales in UK, they aim to reach Cardiff, New South Wales in Australia by the end of this year.

That’s mind boggling – 10,000 kilometres on foot, covering 15 countries.


Arjun Bhogal and Kieran Rae are calling this the Borderwalk Project, and they began walking with the hope of raising £25,000 for the organizations, WaterAid and Marine Conservation Society.


Sometime in 2014, Kieran had to go home, and Arjun is continuing the journey solo. He was in India recently, when an organization called Million Ways to Live got a chance to catch up with him.

Since more than 3 years now, he has been camping and recording his journey, living off local food, water, and the supplies that people have generously offered on his way.


Except for ferry rides, boats or flights to cross over water bodies, this entire journey has been and will be on foot.


He is carrying gadgets and equipments powered by solar panels provided by an organization called Goal Zero.

On his journey, Arjun has also learnt about the various ways through which he can get access to clean drinking water for himself, in areas where he does not have any other option.


According to Arjun, the random acts of kindness that he has got a chance to witness all through his way have made the entire journey possible.


“A Russian man called Valentine, the nicest man on this planet, knocked on my door and offered me a kilogram of walnuts. We had dinner with his friends, and a month later, he drove up behind us and said he has come to have lunch…he even booked us a hotel…” remembers Arjun.


He has walked through some of the harshest conditions in terms of climate and social surroundings. “You can adapt to anything…you just have to accept the situation you are in,” he says.


WaterAid is an initiative which works in about 37 countries worldwide, helping different communities access safe drinking water and sanitation. These are some of the most marginalised communities, and WaterAid work with local partners in setting up sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects for them. Marine Conservation Society works for securing the future of living seas and protecting the marine wildlife.

“We wanted to spark people’s imagination, hopefully inspire younger people and serve as an example, that if we can do this, then you really could do anything,” says Arjun in an interview here.


The duo met at the University of Wales where Arjun studied film and video and Kieran studied graphic design. They plan to produce a documentary of their journey and raise awareness about environmental issues through it.

Watch Arjun on his walk in New Delhi:

[embedvideo id=”xF-Svlju0cs” website=”youtube”]

You can read more about the project here. Watch videos from other parts of their journey here.

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