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VIDEO: The Tea Seller Couple That Travelled to 17 Countries Has Some Amazing Things to Say

Vijayan and his wife Mohana, own a small tea shop in Kerala. For them, life is all about travelling and collecting experiences and knowledge from their various journeys across the worlds. Together, they have been to 17 countries. This is their inspiring story.

“I want to see the world. That is my desire. My only desire,” says Vijayan, a tea-seller from Ernakulam in Kerala.

The desire to travel had been so strong always that, when he was a child, Vijayan used to steal food grains from his own house and sell them outside; he used to save the money he earned to run away and see new places.

Today, the same person has visited 17 countries across the world, along with his wife Mohana – powered by his strong will power and immense love for travelling.


The owner of a tea shop, Vijayan believes that our lives are full of journeys, no matter where we go. And so he works each day, only with the aim of travelling to a new country, his next destination.


According to a report in The News Minute, as soon as he has enough money, he approaches banks for a loan, travels to a new country, and repays the loan over two or three years.

“God has blessed me with more than what I deserved, dreamt of, or wished for,” he says. And thus, with the belief that all of us have only one lifetime to do everything, he has spent close to Rs. 10-15 lakhs on his travels. But for him, that money is nothing when compared to the places he has seen and the knowledge he has gained.

And when people call him crazy, he simply says – “Yes, I am crazy. Everyone has their own craziness.”


This documentary, directed by 30-year-old Hari M Mohanan, reveals what inspires this couple to pack their bags every single time. You can catch a glimpse of their amazing journey here:

[embedvideo id=”GdDl_YFfhwc” website=”youtube”]

This video was originally published here.

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