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VIDEO: Understand The Great Indian Auto Driver-Commuter Clash. While Laughing out loud.

What is an auto? Who is the driver? Who is the commuter? What are the problems between them? Here is a video which tells you all, and that too in a very entertaining way.

What is an auto? Who is the driver? Who is the commuter? What are the problems between them? Here is a video which tells you all, and that too in a very entertaining way. 

No matter which city you live in, talk to the daily commuters who use public transport, and chances are that you will get some really interesting, and at times hilarious stories of their adventures with auto rickshaws. Reverse the process and talk to auto rickshaw drivers someday, and there will be yet another set of extremely fascinating anecdotes.

That driver whose meter seemed to be a participant in some marathon. The passenger who claimed to have forgotten his wallet. Those drivers who just wanted to chill and go nowhere at all. That passenger who somehow expected jet speed from a humble auto ride. The driver who rode way too fast and blamed everyone else for every scratch and dent on his vehicle. That passenger whose shopping spree would just not end.

And we can go and on with similar stories.


This video, made by Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL), brings back all those auto memories in a very amusing manner, while also educating us about one of most used modes of public transport in urban India.

What is an auto? Who is the driver? Who is the commuter? What are the problems between them? It tells you all.


HUL describes its work as a way to understand relationships between different kinds of people, places, institutions and environments. They try to create an interface between the government and citizens in Hyderabad by spreading information about various social and civil services, like transit, housing, sanitation, and more. And they do so by educating people with the details of how these services operate – something that common citizens might not be aware of.

In line with this objective, their recent project is a very interesting one. It is a research and outreach project focusing on the auto rickshaw sector of Hyderabad.

What is the condition in a state which has over one lakh auto rickshaw drivers?


Ever wondered how these people manage survival amidst the numerous regulatory authorities, the cost of operations, their expenditures, and government policies which fail to see their side of the story most of the time?

Meet the auto drivers. Those who know every nook and corner of the city by heart, are half-mechanics, and are in the constant habit of listening to a lot of abuses and scolding from one and all.


And here is the beloved auto rickshaw. What do you call it in your city?


Most autos function on “finance” basis, meaning they have to give some percent of their daily earning to the financier who helps them purchase the auto in the first place.


Once all the installments are paid, the drivers can call the autos their own.


But before any of this, there is a lot that needs to be done for one to called a ready auto driver.


A whole bunch of documents like the license, contract carriage permit, registration certificate, insurance, fitness certificate, pollution certificate, and meter certificate are required to prove that you are eligible to become an auto driver. Read about all the required documents in detail here.

And of course, how can a talk about autos be complete without discussing those meters that we always keep a suspicious eye on.


Did you know that there is a method with the help of which even electronic meters can be set to give an increased reading? It is called the Hyderabad Method.


While fiddling with the readings is wrong and cannot be excused no matter what, it is indeed interesting to watch how it is done. Read about the other methods being used here.

As if that was not enough, remember all the times when you stood for half an hour, stopped about 20 autos, and all of them refused to take you to your destination. What could the reason be?


This, and some more interesting facts about auto drivers – find out in this hilarious video.

This video was originally published here.

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