A 12-Year Old Boy In The USA And A Violin Are Powering Schools In Kerala

When 12-year old Emhyr saw the poor condition of schools at his native village in Kerala, he decided to light them up with solar power. Read on to know how the young changemaker uses his violin to collect funds for his various projects and has big plans to expand his work to many countries.
Rakhis from #Aarey

Can The Little Rakhi Save The Last Lung Of Mumbai?

The second largest green cover in Mumbai needs your help. It'll soon be cleared to make way for a metro car shed and other commercial activities. Here's how you can play your part in saving the green cover of Aarey Milk Colony by - just sending a rakhi!

4 Women Who Are Using Community Radio To Bring Change In Rural India

These daring women of rural India are using community radio as a tool to transform the countryside. From addressing serious issues to reaching out to more women, the radio is a powerful medium to connect with people in the hinterland. This is their story and how they made it possible.
French Country

5 Lessons From A Non-Violent Anti-Dam Protest In Jharkhand That Won!

Unity, persistence, and non-violence are but a few lessons that we can learn from the successful Koel Karo anti-dam protest in Jharkhand. How the people got together and through their non violent protest led to cancellation of a sanctioned dam. Here are the five reasons which resulted in this peaceful victory.
road seller

VIDEO: I Am Rakesh Kumar. And I Am Not A Beggar.

This moving video of a roadside balloon seller who is trying to make ends meet will pull at your heart strings with its simplicity and honesty. In the end, all he expects is not to be treated like a beggar, because he is not one.