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TBI Travel: Art, Architecture And Culture In The Kangra Valley

Here is a first hand experience of a journey to the amazing Himachal Pradesh and its beautiful valleys. Join Gayatri Mendanha as she visits intense music concerts, tries her hand at art and pottery, samples exotic dishes like the Kangri dham, finds peace in the serene monasteries, experiences the thrill of paragliding, and much much more in just a few exciting days!
Education has always been Kani's dream. After Kani finishes
with her work, Gita, her employer, sits down with her and they study
together. (Credit: Kirthi Jayakumar\WFS)

Homes Become Schools As Employers Turn Teachers

Kani was forced to drop out of school when she was young. Today, she works as a domestic helper but is seeing a new ray of hope as her employer Gita is enabling her to read and write. Many women like Kani in Chennai are on their way to literacy, all thanks to their wonderful employers. Read about Kani and Gita's life-changing journey.
bhagwati agrawal

He Brought Rainwater From Rooftops To Water Taps And Changed 1000s Of Lives In Rural Rajasthan

Walking several miles just to get a bucket of water which they have to carefully use through the day is a common sight in many rural areas of the country. Bhagwati Agrawal is attempting to solve this problem through a simple yet innovative rainwater harvesting solution. Watch how Aakash Ganga is providing water security to several villages in rural Rajasthan and changing thousands of lives.
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How One Man Is Using Football To Create Bankers Out Of Ragpickers!

Sylvester Peter started My Angels Academy at a young age of 13 to help his economically challenged friends. Today, the kids who once were rag pickers and beggars, are now disciplined and caring kids who are national level football players and also successful in their chosen professions. Read more and be amazed at the difference one man can make!
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Invisible Heroes Of Everyday: The Glass Cleaners

They risk their lives everyday for a meager wage. They hang from tall buildings without any harness. They clean the shining glass that we like to flaunt in our beautiful offices and buildings. They do not have any insurance cover and nowhere to go to in case of an injury. Lets learn a little more about the real heroes of everyday - the glass cleaners.
Caretakers are mostly salaried staff (some with kids) who have chosen to do this job and not migrate to the city to work as domestic help. Though the foundation does not have a school for want of funds, the caretakers children are learning in the classes being run in a room in the premises for the children with disabilities.

In Photos: How Love, Laughter And Care Can Make A Life Turn Around

Started by Madhu Tugnait, Icha Foundation has been taking care of every need of abandoned children, especially those with disabilities. From healthcare to education and clean clothes, Icha fulfills all their needs. With volunteers, doctors and caretakers treating them like their own kids, these lesser privileged kids now have a reason to smile (or should we say, grin!). Take a peek at the amazing photos that capture the essence of the wonderful cause.
Mahansar Fort

5 Offbeat Tourist Destinations In #Rajasthan

We have all heard of the amazing Hawa Mahal and the breathtaking forts of Rajasthan. Here is a Rajasthan you have probably never seen before. This year, stay away from the popular tourist circuit and explore these five hidden and offbeat destinations.
prostitutes, GB Road

Celebrating The Bonds Of Sisterhood In Asia’s Biggest Red Light Area This Diwali

While we gear up to celebrate the festival of lights with our family and loved ones, the girls in Asia's largest and the world's second-largest red-light district rally around to offer comfort and kinship to each other while they are miles away from their families. They sit together, pray and light diyas instead of bursting crackers as they believe it pollutes the environment! Take a peek at life in a brothel and learn how, despite their vulnerabilities, the women have learnt to live a full life.

Having Lost His Eye Sight, He Built A Successful Company With 200 Other Visually Impaired People

Bhavesh Bhatia lost his eyesight in his early 20s. As the light faded from his eyes, instead of lamenting on his fate, he decided to learn the art of candle making and light up the lives of others like him. Bhatia today runs a huge candle manufacturing enterprise that provides employment to hundreds of visually impaired people and has clients across the globe. Read how this inspiring man converted this disability into an opportunity.

She Was 12 Years Old When She Invented An Adjustable Walker To Help Climb Stairs

Moved by the difficulties her grandfather faced, Shalini Kumari invented a walker that ultimately landed her in NIF-India’s league of winners. A walker to help the physically weak climb stairs was designed by her when she was only in class 9! Read further to know about her invention’s journey from an idea to a product in the market.
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Volunteers And Locals Are Coming Together For North-East Flood Relief. You Can Help Too!

Floods in Assam and Meghalaya , the result of a sudden cloud burst, have resulted in more than 100 casualties till now. Around 2000 villages are still submerged. These teams of volunteers have joined forces with local ground partners to support victims of the flood affected areas in the North East. Here's how you can come forward to help and spread the word.

A 3-Year-Old Rape Victim Gets Justice

Delhi High Court gave a landmark judgement in a 3-year-old minor girl's rape case by overruling the judgement of Dwarka District Court to acquit the accused. Not only this, Delhi HC also asked the state government to bear all medical expenses of the child's treatment and consider the trial of minor victims in a more considerate way in the future. Here is all you need to know about the case.
Ramji Ramaji Bhemaji  Parmar brought back some endangered herbs in medical science.

The Man Who Is Bringing Back The Forgotten Herbs To Cure Several Diseases

A young and curious Ramaji Parmar would follow his father to the jungle to understand more about the herbs he used to treat various deseases. After his father's demise, he followed in his footsteps and made some amazing contributions to herbal science by growing and nurturing endangered herbs in a botanical garden.
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Tihar Jail Giving Its Inmates A Second Chance Through An Automotive Manufacturing Unit In Jail

Tihar Jail has opened a first-of-its-kind automotive manufacturing unit in Tihar Jail number 2 which will offer various livelihood options for the inmates. South Asia's biggest prison has always been keen on starting various initiatives to keep the inmates busy and help them lead a better life in the future. Read more to know what all the jail authorities have been doing to encourage the convicts.

Why Firoza Came To Be Known As Mulund Ki Cyclewali

An inspirational story of a girl from a middle class family in Mumbai, who defied all odds to follow her passion – cycling. Read how she overcame financial constraints, fought social barriers and invested all that she had in living her dream. And now she's encouraging others to join her in making the right choice for the environment!