Nagaland women

High Up In The Naga Hills Women Are Discovering Collective Strength

From being dependent on their husbands and fathers for basic needs to becoming self-dependent and getting their children educated from their own money, women's lives in Nagaland's Tuensang district have changed. They now demand better schooling for their children, fight for government entitlements, and articulate issues once considered too sensitive to discuss publicly, like alcoholism and wife beating. Read along to know about this remarkable transformation.
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Unleash The Dreams of India’s Youth – One Small Loan at A Time

Every year thousands of students and young adults drop out of schools and colleges due to financial constraints and lack of opportunities. Thousands of dreams and aspirations die and talented youth from rural India is forced to take odd jobs to survive. Yet, there are few who do not give up and fight for better opportunities. Here's your chance to empower them and give them equal opportunities to succeed. Learn how, through Milaap loans, you can make every rupee matter and change a life.
You can be part of their wonderful initiative by going on a trip with them.

This Young Team Is Enabling Tourists To Turn Into Change Makers In The Himalayas

They pick up their bikes and go to some of the remotest villages in the extreme Himalayas. There they help the kids with education, the locals with livelihood, the community with healthcare and undertake various initiatives to make the region a cleaner and a better place. Started by Dheeraj Sharma, Devil On Wheels is all about responsible travel. Read along to know how.

This IIT-ian’s Innovation Is Helping Cotton Farmers In Vidarbha Double Their Income!

When Kannan Lakshminarayan completed his engineering from IIT, he wanted to do something that could leave a positive impact in the rural sector. On seeing the plight of the small cotton farmers in Vidarbha, he came up with an idea to help them get an alternative source of income and increase their value proposition. He started Microspin Machine Works that in 3 years has doubled the revenue of many farmers by allowing them to also become producers of yarn! Read more to know about his brilliant idea and how he executed it with a little professional help.

We Haven’t Come Across An Act Of Kindness As Selfless As This. Have you?

He spends his days and nights at a railway station, lives a life of poverty and hunger without any source of income or help. But he makes sure that the stray dogs around him are fed properly every day. He sacrifices his food for these animals and this has been his life for 30 years now. Can an act of kindness be as selfless as this? Watch the heart-warming video of this amazing man.

How Dharnai Left 30 Years Of Darkness And Became The First Fully Solar Powered Village In India

Once struggling to get basic electricity like most villages in India, Dharnai has now changed its fate and become the first village in India to completely run on solar power. The project by Greenpeace not only powers residential homes but also street lights, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings. Read the story of Dharnai to know how they did it.
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Discarding Veils, Embracing Change: Rajasthan’s Extraordinary Women Sarpanches

They might have initially contested from the women’s quota, but these ladies have proved themselves so well that they have been winning in the general quota ever since. And why not – when one woman sarpanch is all it takes to get a proper road, electricity, 25 hand pumps, four tube wells, old age pension for 50 women, and much, much more! Meet some amazing women sarpanches of Rajasthan.

The 73-Year Old Librarian Who Has Been Donating Every Rupee He Earned To The Poor For 30 Years!

Kalyanasundaram has given a whole new definition to charity. He never married and took up odd part-time jobs to make ends meet as he donated every single rupee he ever earned as a librarian - even his pension of Rs.10 lakhs and award of Rs.30 crores! Read more to know the inspiring tale of the exceptional contributions made by a simple man.
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This Innovator Can Make The Most Amazing Machines With Limited Resources

Even as a kid, Gurmail Singh Dhonsi wanted to invent things. He discontinued his studies to learn the art of invention and joined a workshop. From repairing high quality tractors and military equipment to modifying bikes, he has managed to innovate many machines and even got patents for them. Read one man's story of passion for machines and where it took him.

She Can’t Walk. Yet She Is Helping Others With Muscular Dystrophy Become Independent

Often when we face challenges in life we get disheartened and give up. Nishtha is an example of sheer courage as she has been fighting muscular dystrophy for several years now, not allowing it to make her a "dependent". Not only this, she is on a mission to spread awareness about the cause and is helping similar patients to overcome this disability and lead "normal" lives. Read her inspiring story of courage and dedication.
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A Hearing Impaired Child Started Listening And Speaking. Meet The Team Who Made It Possible.

Hearing impaired persons generally have a problem learning new languages. But Sunny chose French as his second language in school and speaks it with panache. He plays the tabla and is also learning to play the saxophone. This was made possible with regular efforts from AURED. Know more about the programme and how it is helping hearing impaired children to communicate without sign language like kids with normal hearing.

68 Modern-Day Heroes Who Continue To Free India In So Many Incredible Ways

We meet a lot of people everyday. Some we remember and some we don't. But there are very few people who leave such a great impact on everyone's life that it is impossible to forget them. They are the superheroes who live among us and leave an impact that changes the lives of thousands of people around them. Here is the list of 68 such heroes we celebrate on the 68th Independence day.