5 Laudable Initiatives By India To Stop Animal Cruelty That Will Make You Proud

Did you know that India is South Asia's first "Cruelty-Free zone". From banning the import of animal-tested cosmetics to stopping the use of dolphins for entertainment, India is indeed blazing the trail by setting an example for other countries to follow. Here are 5 strong steps taken by the Indian government and private agencies to stop animal cruelty and create a humane environment.
There is a deep sense of control that still exists in
Kerala, one that is especially exerted by parents and educational
institutions. Students believe that colleges in the state are
practically functioning like schools these days. (Credit: KOL

How Young Kerala Triggered A Nation Wide Debate For Change With ‘Kiss Of Love’

The 'Kiss of Love' campaign took the country by storm. From outright supporters to obvious detractors, the incident has enabled people across India to respond to what is largely considered the unjust control of the moral police. With nationwide heated debates going on regarding the 'rightness' and 'wrongness' of this form of protest, we bring to you all sides of the argument, so you can decide for yourself where you stand.

How Innovative Agricultural Techniques Are Helping Farmers In Jharkhand Produce Bumper Crops

With various innovative techniques, farmers in Jharkhand have transformed their lives and some of them have even managed to double their yield. From incorporating Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems to learning to prepare vermi-compost at home and engaging with other farmers, agriculture is benefiting these families much more than it ever did before. Learn about some of these techniques here.
Sonam's team in front of the Stupa.

The Engineer Who Is Creating Ice Stupas To Solve The Water Problems Of People In Ladakh

Inspired by Chewang Norphel's work of creating artificial glaciers, when Sonam Wangchuk saw people struggling to meet their basic water requirements in Ladakh, he came up with a solution of creating vertical ice stupas to store water for a longer time. The average stupa is 35 meters to 40 meters high and can store upto 16,000 cubic litres of water which is enough to irrigate 10 hectares of land. Read how Wangchuk plans to create 80-90 such stupas to solve all of Ladakh's water troubles.

Whistling Can Be Used To Improve Sanitation? Yes! These Village Women Show You How.

These women from Self Help Groups in Orissa have solved the problem of open defecation in a very interesting way. They not only started patrolling the streets but also planted the holy "Tulsi" plant to stop people from defecating in the open. Meet the amazing whistle blowers and their story of making their block completely "swachh".
With KMES's intervention, the crucial and "golden hour" of saving is utilized.

They Are Making Emergency Healthcare Easy And Available For All

With increasing population and limited resources, emergency healthcare sure needs immediate attention in India. In an emergency situation, when both patients and their families are clueless, we need a centralized system that could bridge the information gap between hospitals and patients. Started by four friends, KMES helps you get access to the right medical care at the right time.

8 Mobile Phone Ideas That Are Changing Lives In Rural India #Mobile4Good14

From helping women deal with the scourge of domestic violence to sharing secrets for growing the best coffee, these interesting initiatives using mobile phones are transforming the lives of people in Indian villages. Here are 8 amazing initiatives that show how a simple mobile can be used as a medium of change.
Photo Courtesy: "Rock Shelter 8, Bhimbetka 02" by Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons

TBI Travel: A Journey To The Hidden Shelters Of The Stone Age

History is always fascinating, and to discover that which has been hidden for a long time adds to the uniqueness of a place. Bhimbetka is sign of existence of people in the stone age, and some of the shelters show signs of being inhabited nearly 100,000 years ago! It is believed that the Pandavas from the Mahabharata also stayed here. Visit Bhimbetka to go back to the past and learn all about the lifestyle and culture of ancient times.
Lalfakzuali, after her divorce started a weaving business which is flourishing now.

These Mothers From Mizoram Are Weaving A Strong Future

They toil day and night for a meager income. They struggle every day to bring to us an ancient tradition in the best of its form. They work with utter brilliance; their skills have been passed on for generations. However, the bearers of this tradition are among the least rewarded craftsmen (or rather, craftswomen) in the country. Meet the weavers of Mizoram - and lend them a helping hand!
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Events To Attend This Week (14/11/2014 – 20/11/2014)

Workshop on violence against children, Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Walkathon on World Diabetes Day, inclusive growth of artists with disability and a lot more to look forward to this week. Here is the list of five events you can attend this week.