TBI Exclusive: Mickey Patel’s Rare & Beautiful Sketches Of Mahatma Gandhi

There have been numerous works - both text and visual - on Gandhi. In this post, we present to you a rare collection of sketches on Gandhi and his teachings - by the famous artist Mickey Patel. Each of these rare sketches is a masterpiece in its own right and beautifully presents the thoughts of one of the greatest men of all times.
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5 Of Our Favourite Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi Which Inspire Us Everyday

There is nothing that has not been said about Mahatma Gandhi before. Nothing that we don't know already. But still whenever his name appears, our eyes give a second glance to this extra ordinary man. On Mahatma Gandhi's 145th birthday, here are his five amazing and inspirational quotes we probably didn't hear before.

TBI Tribute: Why Kavita Karkare Was Much More Than Just A Martyr’s Widow

A dedicated teacher, a brave government critic, a human rights activist - read how Kavita Karkare was much more than just a martyr's widow. She fought for the truth and helped the families of constables and lower rank police officers to get their due from the government. A strong public speaker and a compassionate listener, here is why the whole country is mourning the death of this amazing soul.
Mansukhbhai (right) with former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

When An Earthquake Hit Gujarat, He Invented “Mitticool”, A Clay Fridge That Runs Without Electricity

When Mansukh bhai suffered severe loss in the Gujarat earthquake, he got an idea to make a fridge out of clay. He invented "Mitticool" which runs without electricity and also preserves the original taste of the food items. Apart from a fridge, he has invented non-stick earthen tavas, earthen thermos flasks, etc. Know all about the man who is helping millions with his amazing environment-friendly and pocket-friendly innovations.
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On World Tourism Day Lets Explore These 6 Offbeat Tourist Destinations In India

India is a country with rich culture and heritage. We see people from across the globe who travel here just to admire the beauty of some famous monuments and heritage sites. September 27 being World Tourism Day, lets celebrate this day by exploring these six lesser known and offbeat tourist destinations in India.
Disability didn't come in Poonam's way as she went ahead and brought positive change in lives of other people.

In Spite Of Her Tiny Structure, Poonam Shroti Is Achieving A Giant Stature With Her Deeds

Poonam was qualified, talented and educated but still could not get a decent job like "normal" people. Suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Poonam is just a little over two feet in height but this did not stop her from positively impacting the lives of many. She converted her disability into an opportunity and started an organization to help in many ways the people around her.
12-year-old Chitresh Tatha is the youngest sailor at the Asian Games 2014.

This 12 Year Old Boy Is The Youngest Sailor from India At The Asian Games

Chitresh Tatha from Chennai has proved that age is just a number and it is never too early to find your passion. He started sailing in 2009 and today he is the youngest sailor from India at the Asian Games 2014. Inspired by his sister, Tatha has been extensively practicing to grab a medal at the Games. Let's learn more about the little champ!
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The World’s Largest Free SMS Service To Get Vaccination Reminders For Your Child

Over 2 million children under the age of 5 die and around 1 million face disability for life every year in India. Read how Indian Academy of Pediatrics, along with Vodafone, has launched the world's largest vaccination reminder service to tackle this problem, aiming to prevent 500,000 child deaths and disabilities by 2018 through SMS alerts.
The Football Link imparts social and ethical values among children through football.

How Sports Can Be Used In Countering Social Problems – Few Examples From India

These remarkable people are giving a new meaning to sports. From providing livelihood to bridging the education gap, sports is emerging as the key to a holistic social development. Learn how organizations like NAZ Foundation, The Football Link, Magic Bus and many more are using sports as a tool to bring a change in the lives of the marginalized.

Reviving The Green Cover In The Kanha-Pench Wildlife Corridor, One Sapling At A Time

Deforestation in the country is not news anymore. With rapid industrialization and rising needs, we have been cutting down trees for quite some time. Now there is an immediate need to bring back the green cover, and Vodafone India, along with Grow-Trees, has taken a positive step in this direction. They have started planting 300,000 trees along the Kanha-Pench corridor. The saplings selected are of native and useful species in order to create an extra income source for the villagers. Here we profile the salient features of this initiative, which can serve as a case study for more projects of a similar nature.

Introducing Padmini Prakash, India’s First Transgender Television News Anchor

Like other members of this sexual minority, Padmini Prakash too faced her share of social stigma and discrimination which made her abandon her family and education. But her difficulties only helped her grow stronger as she became the first transgender TV news anchor in the country five months after the Supreme Court legally declared this community as a third gender.

How I Am Fighting A Corrupt Ticket Checker In Mumbai Using RTI And The System

When he faced harassment by a corrupt and arrogant ticket checker in a local train in Mumbai, instead of accepting the injustice in the interest of time or fear of reprisal, he decided to use the powers vested in him by the laws of the nation and took the challenge head on. Here's his first-hand account of what transpired, how he dealt with it, why he did it and how we can all stand up for our rights too.

The Simple #Innovation That Is Changing The Lives Of Coconut Tree Climbers

Appachan was a school dropout but had a great ability to innovate things that could be used in day to day life. He saw the struggles faced by tree climbers, especially when it came to climbing the tall coconut or areca nut trees. He decided to solve this problem by inventing a simple and innovative tree climber that makes the task of climbing a cake walk.