Sports as hope through wheelchair-Tennis

IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: This Young Pakistani Shows Us How Sports Can Change What Presidents Could Not

Pakistan's top tennis player is more than just a sports hero. Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi has looked beyond national borders and religious barriers by pairing up with Israeli Amir Hadad and Indian Rohan Bopanna. Off court, he has promoted peace through his organisation and book, 'Stop war, Start Tennis'. He has actively promoted wheelchair tennis for victims of war conflicts. The Better India catches up with the spirited young player and UNDP goodwill ambassador in the first of a series of stories that will help us to know The Better Pakistan.
Sasili, from the proud Bhil tribe, grows and sells vegetable

How The Bhil Tribe Is Moving From Starvation To Progress Through Entrepreneurship

One of the most ignored communities in the country, here's how the Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are gradually moving towards a better life with a little help from NGOs and micro loans. From growing vegetables and earning higher incomes to sending their kids to school and becoming micro entrepreneurs, these traditional warrior tribes are changing their way of life to be able to survive in the competitive world.
Pranjal Dubey

An IT Professional Who Sold His House To Start A College For Rural Youth

The students who had never even seen a lift in their lives now hold senior positions in corporate giants and get sizable paychecks. From providing internship opportunities to getting the best of professors on board, read how Pranjal Dubey's Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management is changing the lives of rural youth in Madhya Pradesh.
What has enabled women, in particular, and the community, in
general, to beat the odds related to maternal and child health in the
region is the village health atlas, a collaborative effort of the
local people, the Village Health and Sanitation Committee and
government health workers. The Atlas enables them to take appropriate
measures to enhance the health outcomes. (Credit: Sarada Lahangir\WFS)

Heard About The Village Health Atlas? It Is Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate In India’s Poorest Areas

Here is how a well executed plan managed to change the old mindset of villagers in Orissa and introduced a better maternal health care system. From collecting important data to regular health advice and addressing important issues, the Village Health Atlas is leading pregnant women across 34 villages in Kandhamal, a district with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the state, to a healthier future.
Legendary rebel artist and writer Fatima Ahmed, who is
nearing 80, is a picture of contrasts. While she is fun-loving and
full of life, her paintings are still and silent. (Credit: Surekha
Kadapa- Bose\WFS)

The Story Of Fatima Ahmed Who Chose To Rebel And Found Her Own Path In The World Of Art

Belonging to a conservative Muslim family, it was hard for Fatima Ahmed to break the shackles but she made sure to follow her dreams and do all that she ever wanted. From travelling the world to living like a "gypsy" and creating her very own niche in the world of art, Ahmed has lived her life on her terms. Read about this feisty and inspiring artist.
INS Deepak carried around 1,000 tonnes of water to Maldives and has the capacity to produce fresh water everyday.

How India Sent 1000 Tonnes Of Drinking Water By Ships And Airplanes To Help Maldives

India has carried tonnes of fresh water to Maldives during its acute water crisis. Know more about other such inspiring initiatives by India to help neighbours. From helping Afghanistan to improve the infrastructure to reaching out to Philipines when a bad typhoon hit the country, India has always extended help on humanitarian grounds.