From spoken English to life skills, VOICE 4 Girls empowers adolescent girls to speak up.

This Team Is Changing The Lives Of Adolescent Girls In Rural India In Just 15 Days

A 15 days long camp has enabled shy and timid girls to come out in the open, be confident and look at the world with a new perspective. From providing life skills, decision making power and spoken English training to enabling them to dream big and become more confident, VOICE 4 Girls is giving a new voice to thousands of adolescent girls.

How Football Led To 100 Percent Attendance In A Government School

What happens when the most notorious kids get together and play football? They become more serious, positive and regular in school. Thanks to Just for Kicks, the kids in low income government schools are seeing a positive and significant growth. Here is how!
Arjuna's Penance: a detail

IN PHOTOS: The Breathing Stones Of Mamallapuram

From the strategically placed Shivling to the legendary deities and folk tales, the stones of Mamallapuram have lives of their own. Know more about the mesmerizing stories behind this amazing World Heritage–listed and also learn about the new community of artists close by which is keeping the tradition alive!
Sitara Devi can be credited for shifting public opinion in
favour of Kathak by perhaps being the first Brahmin woman to perform
in public in the 1930s.

What Made Sitara Devi Become The First Brahmin Woman To Perform Kathak On Stage In The 1930s?

Sitara Devi could not only effortlessly depict the deep affection Kaushalya felt for her son Rama but also perfectly illustrate the fury of Shiva through ‘tandava’. She is no more with us but she will always be remembered as the fearless Kathak dancer who took the dance form to new heights. Here Padma Shri awardee Shovana Narayanan shares her memories of the legend.