Hans Raj Khanna lost his justiceship after his brave stand.

The Judge Who Stood Against The Prime Minister

At a time when India is rocked with allegations of corruption in the judiciary, it might be hard to imagine a judge who would have the courage to stand up against the government, let alone the Prime Minister! But here is the story of a judge who once did, even if it meant losing the post of the Chief Justice of India. He might be the single reason Democracy is still alive in our country!
Kallanai Dam

One Of The Oldest In The World, This Dam Exemplifies The Amazing Engineering Marvels Of India

Built around 2,000 years ago across the Cauveri River in Tiruchirapalli District of Tamil Nadu, the Kallanai Dam is still in excellent condition and used as a major irrigation dam even now. The dam has been inspiration to many modern day dams too due to amazing engineering. Read more to know about this unique example of the amazing architecture and engineering of ancient India.
Udaybhai, ahmedabad, richshaw driver

The Kindness Of Strangers Can Get You Free Food, Rides, Artefacts In India!

Imagine getting into an autorickshaw and at the end of the ride being told that someone has already paid for it. Or after a fabulous meal at a restaurant, instead of being presented with a bill you get a handwritten note that says it was a gift from a guest! Sounds implausible, doesn't it? Well, you might find yourself more at the receiving end of such "random acts of kindness" as the concept of gift economy takes shape in India.
Orang national park

A Tale of Two Sanctuaries – Orang And Nameri National Parks In Assam

When a virulent epidemic called Black Fever struck their village, all the villagers vacated the place and never returned. Nature healed itself and now it is the location of one of India's most beautiful sanctuaries. Join Gangadharan Menon as he unearths the legends and mysteries surrounding the beautiful Orang and Nameri national parks in Assam, in addition to its stunning wildlife!

Remembering Zohra Sehgal – “The Grand Old Lady Of Indian Cinema”

Get a ringside view of Zohra Sehgal's life on the stage and screen, in India and England, as she grew to become one of India's best loved actresses. In this excerpt from Close Up: Memoirs Of A Life On Stage and Screen, a no-holds-barred memoir published by Women Unlimited, catch a glimpse of this feisty, irreverent and candid performer extraordinaire, who passed away recently after celebrating her 102nd birthday earlier this year.
Bohri House

The 20-Year Old Engineer Who Is Trying To Save The Rich Heritage Of His Hometown All By Himself

While showing pride in being an Indian, how many of us realize that preserving our country’s heritage and culture is also our responsibility? Vivek Modi has run from pillar to post to preserve the Bohri houses in Gujarat, a one-of-its kind architecture, from being demolished by the ‘increasing urbanization mania’. This article is an inspiring account of Vivek, an engineer by profession, who is doing his bit his way to preserve the heritage of Gujarat.
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TBI Invisible Heroes Of Everyday: Roadside Sellers Of PoP Dreams

As we drive around, we have often caught sight of brightly coloured statues and other items laid out on footpaths or hanging from tree branches. But how often have we stopped to ask the sellers, not the price, but about their lives? Where do they come from? Do they make enough for a comfortable living? Take a peek into their lives today, and tell us what you find out the next time.
water and sanitation promoters, tamil nadu

These Women Walk And Talk Non-Stop So They Can Improve Hygiene And Sanitation In Their Villages

Meet the women who strongly believe that there is a spirit of ownership among villagers that can be tapped into by someone within their own community. And to honour this belief, they walk for miles each day to inform and educate people about sanitation and water issues. These are the wonderful Water and Sanitation Promoters of rural Tamil Nadu.
The Football Link

How Sports Enthusiasts And Policemen Came Together To Change Young Lives Through Football

Sports brings everyone together, and no one knows it better than this team which is using football as a tool to engage underprivileged students and help them achieve a better life. From improving physical fitness to building confidence, team spirit and exposure, football is much more than just a sport for these kids. Read further to know how sports can make a difference.
Shubhendu Sharma Afforestt

The Man Who Has Created 33 Forests In India – He Can Make One In Your Backyard Too!

Shubhendu Sharma left his high paying job as an engineer to plant trees for the rest of his life. Using the unique Miyawaki methodology to grow saplings, Afforestt converts any land into a self-sustainable forest in a couple of years. He has successfully created 33 forests across India in two years. Here's how he made it possible.