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How An Engineer Is Recycling 1.25 Lakh Litres of Greywater Everyday In Apartments

Growing up in a water-starved area of Maharashtra, Abhijit Sathe wanted to do something around water conservation. He founded JalSevak which instals recycling systems in commercial buildings and households, helping them reuse their greywater efficiently.

How An Engineer Is Recycling 1.25 Lakh Litres of Greywater Everyday In Apartments

Raised in a water-scarce area of Maharashtra, a 24-hour-long water supply was a dream for Abhijit Sathe, the founder of JalSevak India. Growing up with a severe water shortage is one of the reasons that led Abhijit on this path of water recycling. 

Every day India produces 31 billion litres of grey water. Wastewater from non-toilet fixtures like sinks and showers, excluding sewage, suitable for non-potable purposes like irrigation is called greywater.

In Indian households alone, more than 50 percent of the water used is grey water of which only 5 percent is recycled. 

Realising this issue and wanting to make a difference in how water waste is managed, he decided to quit his decade-long engineering career. 

He started JalSevak India in an attempt to help Indian households recycle their grey water. 

The company installs a recycling system in household and commercial buildings that recycles the grey water using a six-step process. This water can be used to water plants, landscaping and flushing in the toilet.  

The system helps to save up to 40 percent of freshwater by using recycled grey water. Abhijit has installed setups in 12 cities across the country. Additionally, Abhijit claims that his system is 50 percent cheaper than the ones available commercially. The company recycles 1.25 lakh litres of greywater every day! 

With a city like Bengaluru suffering from a water crisis this year, such an innovation might be what it needs to survive the crisis. 

(Edited by Padmashree Pande)

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