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Just drop the D'Cal water softener in your overhead tank and let it do its job!

High calcium and magnesium contents in water make it 'hard'. This water softener absorbs the minerals and lets soft water through your pipelines. Soft water will benefit your skin and hair while also preventing pipes and taps from choking!

Tell me more about this!.

With no use of electricity, the device makes water soft - protecting your clothes, dishes, pipelines and most importantly, you!


With every unique piece of traditional art you purchase, you revive our dying crafts and give them a home!


If your showers and taps choke up regularly with white powder, the issue is not with the plumbing but with the water. This device will save your maintenance costs.

Easy to use

Just drop it in your overhead tank. The device will float after its internal media is consumed to make removal easy as well. It should last for about a year.

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