Heard About The Village Health Atlas? It Is Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate In India’s Poorest Areas

Here is how a well executed plan managed to change the old mindset of villagers in Orissa and introduced a better maternal health care system. From collecting important data to regular health advice and addressing important issues, the Village Health Atlas is leading pregnant women across 34 villages in Kandhamal, a district with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the state, to a healthier future.
No matter what the ailment, be it a headache, fever or stomach flu, besides pregnancy related issues, Pankajani Behra is always ready for action, eager to help any one in need. (Credit: Azera Rehman\WFS)

TBI Heroes: Pankajani Delivers Good Health And Hope

An accredited social health activist (ASHA) in her remote, often flood-ravaged village in Odisha, Pankajani not only saves lives on a daily basis but goes way beyond her call of duty to be available to her wards at all times spreading awareness, dispensing advice and curing ills. Her dedication is plainly visible as she recalls painful memories of last year's floods in Odisha and the steps she took to ensure that the situation in her village remained under control.

Mobile Crèches: Caring for Children of Construction Workers

Imagine a child. You see a happy face. The image of a child flashes across one’s mind as that of a happy, carefree, innocent face with sparkling eyes. It conjures up a picture of a dreamlike life. But what...