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Embarking on a transformative journey through six chapters, we traverse India's landscape, exploring pioneering startups and their revolutionary...

10 months

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Discover the brighter side of life in a land of incredible diversity with our positive news and impact-based company. The Better India features inspiring stories of real people making a difference across India, highlighting the country’s positive attributes beyond the headlines. We strive to promote the good news and inspire change through our content, encouraging our readers to take positive action.

Explore the achievements of everyday people, entrepreneurs, and organizations from every corner of the country, from rural villages to bustling cities. Discover how they are bringing about positive change and making a difference in the world. We celebrate the cultural, social, and economic diversity of India, showcasing the many successes and triumphs of its people.

The Better India mission is to inspire and empower readers to join the movement towards a better India, by sharing positive news, promoting sustainable solutions, and championing social justice issues. Whether it’s through education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, or economic development, we believe that positive change can happen when people come together with a shared vision for a better future.

The country is also home to many inspiring people who are making a positive impact in their communities. Whether it is through innovative technology, sustainable farming, or empowering women, there are countless stories of hope and progress that deserve to be shared. Our positive news and impact-based platform is dedicated to bringing these stories to the forefront and highlighting the best of what India has to offer.

Join us on our journey to promote positivity and spread hope throughout India. With our platform, you can stay informed and engaged with the latest positive news and impact stories from across the country. Together, we can build a better India for all.