Watch: The ‘Village of Gulab Jamuns’ and Sweet History of India’s Favourite Sweet

Watch: The ‘Village of Gulab Jamuns’ and Sweet History of India’s Favourite Sweet

From the streets of Migalganj in UP which has over 100 shops selling Gulab Jamun to Kumbakonam where dry Jamuns are a hit, this Indian sweet has many stories to tell.

In 1941, a sweet vendor set up a shop in Maigalganj, Uttar Pradesh which sold a particular sweet in matkas. This became so popular that even people from far off places would come just to have this dessert served in sugar syrup – Gulab Jamun.

Soon many other shops were opened nearby and Maigalganj came to be known as Gulab jamun street. More than 100 shops here follow the original recipe of ‘matka gulab jamun‘.

In Katangi near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, the same sweet is called jhurre ka rasagulla which comes in a bigger size.

Coming to the South, the Murari sweet shop of Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu sells around 400 kg of dry jamuns which are rolled in powdered sugar.

And we have barely begun in terms of the history, diversity and sheer pleasure this simple sweet generates among its millions of fans across the country. There is so much more to explore.

Watch to know more about the never-ending jamun history:


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