Watch: Once Abandoned, How Kerala’s First Trans Body Builder Overcame All Odds

Praveen Nath

Praveen Nath became Kerala’s first transgender bodybuilder and went on to win the Mr Kerala title in 2021. Watch his inspiring story

Praveen Nath from Palakkad, Kerala had to hide his identity as a transman for over 15 years. And even then, he was thrown out of his college and forced to leave his own house when he revealed his identity.

But Praveen tried his best to hold his head high and stayed true to himself.

After leaving his house, he found shelter at Sahayathrika, an organisation working for the welfare of transgenders in Kerala. Thus with their support, Praveen worked hard and eventually found his way to becoming a bodybuilding champion.

While he entered into bodybuilding, there was no separate category for trans people. But his trainer, Vinu Mohan, went out of his way to persuade associations of Mr Thrissur and Mr Kerala to introduce a third category for trans people. His efforts proved successful, and the category was finally introduced.

Thus in 2021, he became Kerala’s first transgender bodybuilder who went on to win the Mr Kerala title.

Watch the inspiring story of Praveen here:

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