TBI Blogs: These 7 Inspiring People Prove All Common Misconceptions about Down Syndrome Wrong

Estimates claim that almost 30,000 children are born with Down Syndrome every year in India. People with Down Syndrome can face severe hardships and poor treatment from a society that often misunderstands their affliction. In such a scenario, these seven stories offer hope and the chance of better understanding one of India’s most common genetic disorders.

Celebrating Disabilities: Author Malini Chib Sheds New Light on Disability through Her Book

In this excerpt from Disability, Gender and the Trajectories of Power, edited by Asha Hans and published by Sage Publications, Malini Chib, disability rights activist and author, who has cerebral palsy, shares her experiences and observations of the time spent while she got around to developing a strong disability identity that she wants to “celebrate” rather than reject.

TBI Blogs: The Supreme Court – and a New Legislation – Are Bringing Fresh Signs of Hope for India’s Disabled!

Last week the Supreme Court directed the Centre to fulfill promises under the ‘Accessible India’ campaign. Meanwhile, the chief legislation for persons with disabilities is being tabled in Parliament, which holds great potential to reshape our surroundings and systems.