How Many Trees Have You Planted? 5? 10? This Man Planted 10 Million!

Daripalli Ramaiah is a man on mission to plant trees and bring back the green cover. Wherever he sees a barren spot, he takes out seeds from his pocket and plants them. People say he has planted over a crore trees. Know more about the unsung hero and his extra ordinary work.

He Calls Himself A Madman. We Could Not Agree More.

Swapnil has rescued troubled families, befriended naxalites, given a marketing platform to endangered artisans, brought people from the brink of suicide and much more. Here is his larger-than-life story which will leave you more spellbound than any Bollywood movie script!
Chewang Norphel. Photo Courtesy:  Athar Parvaiz

The Man Who Creates Artificial Glaciers To Meet The Water Needs Of Ladakh

Ladakh's beautiful mountains might be a paradise for tourists, but ask the locals who have to struggle to meet their basic water needs every year. Chewang Norphel put his engineering skills to a better use and created artificial glaciers to provide water in this cold and dry mountainous region. Know more about his remarkably innovative technology and how it works.
Dr Nazeera Farooq single-handedly operated upon 75 pregnant
women that landed up in her private hospital in Srinagar during the
floods. (Credit: Shazia Yosuf\WFS)

These Brave Kashmiri Doctors Risked Their All To Save Young Mothers

When J&K witnessed a horrifying flood, several doctors and patients spent four days in a hospital without food and electricity. From operating without resources and delivering C-section babies without anaesthesia to pumping air in patients' lungs manually, these doctors did everything they had to do to save the stranded flood victims. Read more about their miraculous contribution.
Pawan and kids with Nirman, a low-cost hand washing device.

With 35 Rupees, You Could Buy A Popcorn Or Recharge Your Mobile. He Chose To Save Lives.

When Dr. Pawan found out about the unhygienic living conditions in Gadchiroli, Maharasthra, he created a hand-washing device in just Rs.35 that changed the lives of the villagers. Not only this, he involved people of all age groups in his wonderful initiative through interesting activities. Find out more about his device and how he made it possible.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Center) kick started Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on October 2.

The Unsung Heroes Who Have Been Working Towards A Swachh Bharat For Many Years Now

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi kick-started India's biggest cleanliness drive on October 2, 2014, in memory of Mahatma Gandhi, everyone came together to make this campaign a big success. We take this opportunity to talk about some laudable models we can replicate and salute some of the unsung heroes who have been doing extremely good work for quite some time for a cleaner India.
vpss bhikhubhai

This Man Made A Promise To Never Leave His Village. What He Did After That Is Pretty Inspiring

A man who is 84 years old now had decided in his younger days not to migrate from his village but to bring a wave of change and set his village as an example. He has been working tirelessly towards the upliftment of his village through education, livelihoods, awareness and more, and his spirit is undying as he plans to extend his programme to other villages too. Read more to know how he and his small team have been overcoming all challenges and changing the lives of thousands.

They Have Saved 12 Leopard Cubs, 1000s of Other Animals & Educated 20,000 People About Wildlife

Concerned about the human-wildlife conflicts and the poor awareness on how to deal with it, Suresh Kumar and Jaishankar started Vanamitra to teach people to co-exist with the wild. They have reunited 12 leopard cubs with their mothers, rescued several specieis of wildlife and sensitized over 20,000 people about wildlife conservation. Read more about their amazing and daring initiatives and how they do it.

We Haven’t Come Across An Act Of Kindness As Selfless As This. Have you?

He spends his days and nights at a railway station, lives a life of poverty and hunger without any source of income or help. But he makes sure that the stray dogs around him are fed properly every day. He sacrifices his food for these animals and this has been his life for 30 years now. Can an act of kindness be as selfless as this? Watch the heart-warming video of this amazing man.

69 Modern-Day Heroes Of India! How Many Of These Do You Know About?

We meet a lot of people everyday. Some we remember and some we don't. But there are very few people who leave such a great impact on everyone's life that it is impossible to forget them. They are the superheroes who live among us and leave an impact that changes the lives of thousands of people around them. Here is the list of 69 such heroes we celebrate on the 69th Independence day.
Sindhutai Sapkal

She Begged On Streets So She Could Feed Every Orphan She Saw! Can You Imagine Anyone More Heroic?

Sindhutai Sapkal's life started as being an unwanted child, followed by an abusive husband who abandoned her when she was nine months pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl in a cow shed and started begging to feed her child. Since then she has adopted every orphan child that she came across. Now, she is fondly called "Mother of Orphans" and runs six organizations for them. Read her amazing and inspiring story of courage and how she emerged as the "mother" of over 1400 orphans.