The village became open defecation free in just four months.

This 60-Year-Old Sarpanch Made Her Panchayat in Bihar 100% Open Defecation Free in Just 4 Months

From starting a Rural Sanitary Mart for villagers for buying toilet construction material on credit, to setting up vigilante committees for catching people defecating in the open, Rampur Panchayat left no stone unturned to become 100% open defecation free in just 4 months. All thanks to the pro-active 60-year-old mukhiya of the village, Nirmala Devi, and her incredible use of the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach.

The Man Who Carved A Road Through The Mountain So His People Could Reach A Doctor In Time

When his wife fell ill and there were no roads to take her to the doctor on time, Dashrath Manjhi took a decision: to move a mountain. Even after his wife died, he continued with his mammoth task for 22 years till he made a road connecting his people to doctors on the other side of the mountain. Read to know what true heroes are made of!
This is Karpuri Devi, 86, younger sister-in-law of the renowned Madhubani artist, Mahasundari Devi, whose name is synonymous with this folk style. Sitting in the veranda of her single storey home, which she has painted with ornate patterns and figures in Madhubani, Karpuri reminisces about the days when she had first picked up the brush, “Decades ago, women in the village were not allowed to step outside the confines of the home. We had to be very discreet about our work. Typically, we used twigs, brushes, matchsticks or nib-pens to make paintings with themes from the Ramayana or what we saw of daily life around us. For years, the wall was our canvas. Paper came much later.”

IN PHOTOS: How Madhubani Art Is Undergoing A Transformation – By Women Artists In Bihar!

Here is a sneak peak into the lives of three generations of women in a family who are engaged in making the wonderful Madhubani paintings in Bihar. With a lot of young women artists taking up this art form, it is undergoing a huge transformation. Read how they are using the ancient art form to highlight modern issues like gender equality and justice and to free themselves from the shackles of patriarchy.
Nalanda university

The Ancient Indian University Which Is Taking Students Again After 800 Years!

The much awaited Nalanda University started its academic session on September 1, 2014 with 15 applicants from across the globe. NU was once one of the greatest universities in the world before it was destroyed by Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji. Known for the great library and strong built which took over three months to burn down, Nalanda University is once again ready to train scholars from across the world. Know more about the latest developments and its fascinating history.