This 60-Year-Old Sarpanch Made Her Panchayat in Bihar 100% Open Defecation Free in Just 4 Months

From starting a Rural Sanitary Mart for villagers for buying toilet construction material on credit, to setting up vigilante committees for catching people defecating in the open, Rampur Panchayat left no stone unturned to become 100% open defecation free in just 4 months. All thanks to the pro-active 60-year-old mukhiya of the village, Nirmala Devi, and her incredible use of the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach.

The Man Who Carved A Road Through The Mountain So His People Could Reach A Doctor In Time

When his wife fell ill and there were no roads to take her to the doctor on time, Dashrath Manjhi took a decision: to move a mountain. Even after his wife died, he continued with his mammoth task for 22 years till he made a road connecting his people to doctors on the other side of the mountain. Read to know what true heroes are made of!