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These 2 Brazilians Show You The Immense Beauty Of Everyday India In A Way You Might Have Forgotten

We ignore our everyday surroundings not realizing how amazing they are. Be it the women, men, land or animals, food, culture and lots more. Watch this photo story and the video to fall in love with the regular everyday life of India - as seen through a foreigner's lens. A Brazilian duo came to India and captured the everyday life in the most amazing way ever.

RECAP: Some Of India’s Greatest Achievements In The Last Decade That Made Us Proud

It's been 67 years since we got independence. We have gained some things and lost some. Every year we start afresh and promise to bring a change. India as a country has also traveled a long way since its independence. While it made a lot of mistakes, it also got a lot of things right. Lets refresh our memories of some of India's greatest achievements in the last decade.
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Doordarshan Goes Global To 120 Million Homes Across Europe, Africa And Australia

Good old Doordarshan days! Watching Rangoli every Sunday, loving the characters of the shows as if they were our own family members, the legendary music and the unforgettable logo. Doordarshan has been much more than just a source of entertainment. So, we cheer the latest development of Prasar Bharti that will help Doordarshan to reach 120 million homes abroad!

An Interactive History Of The Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world! It is also one of the largest employers in the world. Here is a timeline that gives you a brief history of the evolution of the Indian Railways. Don't miss the amazing documentaries in this timeline too!

The Woman Who Has Traveled Across The Country Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness

Some people are lost in their own misfortunes, but for some rare gems, misfortunes make them stronger and more compassionate. Ritu Biyani is one such person. Her own suffering with breast cancer made her take it up as her life's mission to spread awareness among urban, rural and tribal reaches of India. Sagar Vishnoi had a chance to interview this outstanding woman.
A rescued girl learning computer education with this NGO's help

Rescue Foundation – Saving The Victims of Human Trafficking

We may choose to close our eyes but still the truth remains the same - India is now a key destination and transit point for global trafficking of women and girls! Human trafficking has become the 3rd largest illegal industry after the arms and drugs industry. Here we speak to Rescue Foundation to understand how they are rescuing and rehabilitating the girls saved from this horrendous life.
Code4Cause believes in providing IT solutions to help NGOs grow

Now Code For Humanity With Code4Cause

If you have any working knowledge of building software, applications, digital marketing, website development, and other aspects of IT, Code4Cause makes it easy for you to contribute your knowledge and skills to help NGOs build capacity. Read about their simple and effective model, which has enabled them to enrol thousands of volunteers and help scores of NGOs across teh globe in just two years!
F2S is an organization that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform.

Friends2Support – Friends By ‘Blood’ Relation

How many times have we thought of donating blood but held back due to some wrong notions we might harbour? Or heard about people in dire need of blood, but not getting it in time? Now, such constraints can be a thing of the past, with an initiative that makes it extremely easy and efficient to both donate blood and find a relevant donor. Read about Friends2Support, and how they are making this possible.
Dimagi has been applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world.

TBI Social Enterprises: Dimagi – Applying Intelligence And Innovation To Health Care Solutions

>Dimagi, which means 'of the mind', is a team of intellectually committed professionals who envision applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world. Here we present the Dimagi founders, Jonathan Jackson and Dr Vikram Sheel Kumar, two enthusiastic young men with Harvard and MIT background.
Community awareness training underway

TBI Innovations: ‘Anandi’ Pads – A Creative And Eco-friendly Solution To An Age-Old Taboo

It is unfortunate that the normal human procedure of menstruation has been regarded as 'impure' and considered taboo for generations of Indians. However, things are changing now, and it is hearty to know that India is at the forefront of disruptive innovations in menstrual hygiene. Here we bring you a 'Bong' duo doing fabulous work in breaking stereotypes and creating a sanitary revolution.
Boy studying with solar LED light provided by OCOL

OneChildOneLight – And Then There Was Light…And There Was Education!

One of the main obstacles in the path of students in India is the absence of reliable sources of illumination. Electricity is non-existent or at best patchy in most parts of rural India, and other sources of light like the humble kerosene lamps pose health hazards, are ineffective, expensive and unreliable. Read how one organization is dispelling the gloom with a viable alternative.
Unnati believes that one of the main reasons the youth are unable to get employment is due to lack of basic computer skills. This training in provided to the selected candidates along with other skills training.

TBI Inclusivity: Unnati – Bridging The Gap Between Education And Employability

Literacy rate in India might be cited at around 74% (in 2011), but the ground reality is that even among the so-called educated youth, 'employability' remains a key challenge. The main reasons behind this are a lack of communications and other finer skills. This is an important gap that needs to be bridged, and we bring to you an organization in Bangalore committed to doing this from the past several years, with great success.
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Slum Soccer – Creating Priceless Identities For Young Slum Dwellers

From as far back as we can remember, sports has been used as a means to bridge the gap between nations and between people or communities divided by religion, caste, history, etc. A unique initiative is using sport to bridge the gap between people divided by economic barriers in India. Meet Slum Soccer and see how they are bringing about a change!