TBI Blogs: Meet the Organisations and People Using Digital Literacy to Uplift India’s Underprivileged

The rapid adoption of technology and the Internet has enabled thousands of Indians to become part of a global community. But, there is also a widening gap between those with access to these tools, and those without the ability or means to do so. Organisations like DEF are helping India’s underprivileged classes bridge this gap in digital literacy.

TBI Blogs: The Supreme Court – and a New Legislation – Are Bringing Fresh Signs of Hope for India’s Disabled!

Last week the Supreme Court directed the Centre to fulfill promises under the ‘Accessible India’ campaign. Meanwhile, the chief legislation for persons with disabilities is being tabled in Parliament, which holds great potential to reshape our surroundings and systems.

A Hearing Impaired Child Started Listening And Speaking. Meet The Team Who Made It Possible.

Hearing impaired persons generally have a problem learning new languages. But Sunny chose French as his second language in school and speaks it with panache. He plays the tabla and is also learning to play the saxophone. This was made possible with regular efforts from AURED. Know more about the programme and how it is helping hearing impaired children to communicate without sign language like kids with normal hearing.
The kids have taken keen interest on plant cultivation

From Building Bridges To Building Blood Banks, This Man Has Done It All!

Meet the man who has been working for 26 years with a tribal people to include them in India's growth story. Be it education, health, arts and culture, women empowerment, infrastructure - there is not a single aspect of their lives that Mr. Debabrata Ghosh has not touched upon and improved. Is it even possible for one man to do so much? Read more to find out!
Asha Dijkastra, though raised in Holland, feels a strong connection with Palna where she was nurtured for her first 5 months

DCCW: A Cradle of Hope for Abandoned, Physically or Mentally Challenged Children

Delhi Council for Child Welfare is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 1952. The Council first started its work among children who had been displaced, lost or abandoned in the riots surrounding the Partition of India, providing them care. Today, these services reach over 3000 children daily and are provided virtually free of cost to them.
INDUS ACTION's street play, on Section 12, in progress at Chattarpur.

Eklavya – Clarifying And Facilitating the Right to Education So Many More Can Be At School

Ensuring success of the RTE inclusion policy requires concerted efforts by all of us. Here is an organization that is working to spread awareness about the process and helping more deserving candidates from Economically Weaker Sections of the society get their seats in private schools. With only 2 days left for the current admission cycle to close, if you know of any such deserving students, here's what you can do!

Educate Girls – Enabling Communities In Rural Rajasthan To Send Their Daughters To School

Started five years back, Educate Girls aims to get as many girls as possible into school so they can benefit from a good education, improve their lives and become an asset to their communities. And what started with just 500 schools has now spread to 4425 schools! Safeena Husain, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, tells us about it.