TBI Blogs: These Chhattisgarh Village Health Workers Funded Medicines From Their Own Pockets in a Crisis

When the Drug Kit of the village health worker (Mitanin) became empty and there was no move by the authorities to refill it, Savita Sahu and other Mitanins in Saradih village in Chhattisgarh panicked. They took it upon themselves to access – and even contribute to – a fund so that the community is not left high and dry. Naresh Kumar Jatwar explores further.

TBI Blogs: From Malaria Drugs to an AIDS Vaccine, India’s Biopharmaceutical Research Is Pushing Boundaries

As India’s population grows, its need for adequate pharmaceutical and medical infrastructure is also going to burgeon. In such a scenario, it is important to give equal attention to research into rare diseases and their cures. Dr. Namitha Kumar takes a closer look at India’s research progress in this field, and what still needs to be done going forward.

TBI Blogs: Using Technology to Make Mental Healthcare Accessible to All – the Mind Piper Story

Mental illness is still considered a taboo subject in many parts of Indian society. This regressive attitude can make things worse for the patients, who often don’t get access to the treatment they need because of societal pressures and judgements. A Noida-based data-driven healthcare service is attempting to change this scenario, one patient at a time.