The Extraordinary Story of Janarthanan, a Mouth Painter Who Exemplifies Grit and Determination

Janarthanan is a 24-year-old mouth artist. He lost both his hands in a devastating accident at the age of eight, and has been facing each day like a challenge since then. He has won more than 150 prizes in painting competitions since 2003, including two national awards. This is his story of determination and grit, narrated through his beautiful art.

The Story Of Fatima Ahmed Who Chose To Rebel And Found Her Own Path In The World Of Art

Belonging to a conservative Muslim family, it was hard for Fatima Ahmed to break the shackles but she made sure to follow her dreams and do all that she ever wanted. From travelling the world to living like a "gypsy" and creating her very own niche in the world of art, Ahmed has lived her life on her terms. Read about this feisty and inspiring artist.