Gurugram Artist Renders Mahabharata Characters Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Titled ‘undecided //’, the series is the work of Jayesh Joshi, an art graduate from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, as part of his final graduation project.

Epitomising sibling rivalry at its tragic best, the Mahabharata continues to stand the test of time with its epic narration of one of the legendary wars ever fought on Indian soil.

A conflict that arose out of the indecisiveness upon the rightful heir to the throne of Hastinapura, the age-old saga is replete with revenge, deceit and treachery along with an eclectic mix of characters that often gets overshadowed by its brilliant plot.

Who were the Kuravas, if one stopped viewing the ill-famed brothers through the shade of contempt and the Pandavas, who once rid of their god-like reverence, appear as the most confused clan of siblings known for their hasty and impulsive decisions?

Arjuna and Krishna confronting Karna. Source: Wikimedia.

With an aim to portray the men of the Mahabharata unlike any previous recreations and representations of the story, one artist from Gurugram has ventured into the realm where the characters have been finally freed of their stereotypical representations.

Titled ‘undecided //’, the series is the work of Jayesh Joshi, an art graduate from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, as part of his final graduation project.

“The project explores various events and moments in the story, where I presume, lapses in masculinity of these characters could have emerged. Now these moments and events’ portrayal could be affected by the idea of pre-conceived notions of masculinity, leading to the streamlining of feelings to a limited spectrum and as a result compromise their role and identity,” explains the 22-year old.

Using real people as reference along with an in-depth study upon the ancient costume culture, Jayesh went through the trouble of putting himself into the shoes of Ved Vyas while illustrating between the two loose ends. As a result, emerged the legendary characters from the epic tale in their defining moments of contemplation and solitude.

Take a look at the ethereal artworks of Jayesh Joshi that showcase the princes of Hastinapura through a kaleidoscope of raw emotions and in a manner unlike anything you have seen before:

Yudhishtira’s Loss. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Duryodhana’s Doubt. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Nakula and Sahadeva: The Twins Who Saw All. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Dronacharya’s Admiration. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
A Grieving Bhima. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Arjuna/Brihanalla. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Krishna Meets Karna. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.
Karna. Courtesy: Jayesh Joshi.

Jayesh has been drawing for as long as he can remember and translated the lifelong dream into reality when he studied Creative Arts at Srishti. Following four years in the industry, he made the switch to freelance.

“Inspiration keeps me on my toes, it shows me that there’s always ‘new’ that can be created. It gives me a power to dream larger than what my reality is like. As a child, my dream was just to draw and now as an adult. Even now, my dream is just to draw – and be happy doing it; mentally and physically,” he adds.

To know more about the work that went behind ‘undecided //’, click here.

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