Watch: Self-Taught Artist Makes Amazing ‘Art in Air’ Out of Stones, Goes Viral

Kerala Artist Viral Stone Art

KP Rohit, a self-taught artist from Kerala, is mesmerising people with his unique aerial portraits. Take a look at some of his stunning artwork.

Have you heard of the young artist who is creating art ‘in’ thin air?

We say ‘in thin air’ here to give you a sense of his unique artform.

KP Rohit, a young artist from Kerala, is mesmerising his audience with transient art that is presented in the air. Instead of using materials like paint or clay, he uses stones and pebbles to create beautiful portraits on his canvas.

He places differently-shaped stones on the canvas to complete the portrait and once completed, he jolts the canvas, which throws the stones into the air, leaving you with a portrait in mid-air. The work lasts just for a few seconds but is memorable for its distinctive methodology.

With the help of his friends, Rohit captures the process in slow motion videos to showcase the intriguing effect.

Residing in the small town of Payyannur, he has been perfecting this specialisation in portraits. His work includes pencil sketches, pen sketches, sketch art, pen portraits and more. Having painted on many canvases, his passion landed him on this particular technique during the lockdown.

His recent stone portrait of South Indian actor Mohanlal was also appreciated by the film star himself. His portfolio also includes images of Hrithik Roshan, Mathukkutty, Christiano Ronaldo, among others.

In February 2021, Rohit was recognised by India Book of Records for his unique portrait of AR Rahman made using small stones.

Watch the amazing artwork by this self-taught artist:

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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