Why Salman Khan would be scared, very scared, to drive in Chandigarh

The Salman Khan case has brought into limelight all that is wrong with the traffic laws and enforcement of the country. Just when it seemed as though the traffic status of the country shall forevermore be in a state of disarray and doom, the untold example of Chandigarh shone in our faces. The model that they run by must be upheld by the entire country, if the citizens wish to see formidable change.
Guru ka langar, Amritsar

The Golden Temple Rises To The Occasion To Help The Jammu And Kashmir Flood Victims

When all the forces including the army, government, social media and public are working together to help the victims of Jammu and Kashmir flood, considered to be the worst in 100 years, Guru ka Langar in Amritsar has created a record of sorts when food for 1,00,000 flood victims was airlifted to be distributed to them. Read to know more on how they achieved the amazing feat.
Ludhiana tree planting drive

How Citizens Of Ludhiana Came Together And Planted 1,50,000 Saplings In One Hour!

Now this is called taking matters into your own hands. Ludhiana was tagged as "the most polluted city in the country". To get rid of this tag, the residents of the city started a tree plantation drive, managing to plant around 1.5 lakh saplings within an hour! The interesting thing is - they might get their name in the Guinness book of World Records for this. Know more about the initiative and how they did it.

How Gurmangal Dass Is Using Football To Change The Lives of Youth in Punjab, One Village At A Time

One man's passion for his village, Rurka Kalan. A group of farmers that helped put up a proper football field and the start of a small, gentle revolution that was fueled by the healing powers of football. Reading Gurmangal Dass' story will inspire each one of us to get out of our comfort zones to make a difference in the lives of our local community.

Éclair: A School That Inspires and Enlightens (and has no classrooms or exams)

It was on a hot summer morning in Ludhiana when a high school graduate then, Jalnidh spotted kids form a nearby slum in a park near her home. She asked them, “Padhoge Kya?” (Would you like to study? ) The...