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This Man Made A Promise To Never Leave His Village. What He Did After That Is Pretty Inspiring

A man who is 84 years old now had decided in his younger days not to migrate from his village but to bring a wave of change and set his village as an example. He has been working tirelessly towards the upliftment of his village through education, livelihoods, awareness and more, and his spirit is undying as he plans to extend his programme to other villages too. Read more to know how he and his small team have been overcoming all challenges and changing the lives of thousands.
The students not only learn the poems faster but also enjoy the classes more.

This Government School Teacher Is Using Music, Multimedia And Internet To Make Her Students Learn

There are very few teachers who go an extra mile to make sure that students are enjoying their classes. When Taslima Sheikh, a government school teacher in a small hamlet saw her students struggle with learning poems, she decided to make it fun for them by putting them to the tune of catchy music. Not only this, she uploaded the classroom videos on the internet so that students and teachers across the country could benefit from them.
Lathiya spent money from his own pocket to make learning experience better for the students.

The Rural School Teacher Who Keeps His Students Updated With The Latest News Around The World

From opening a library in every class to keeping his students updated with the latest news, Mukesh Lathiya is offering a holistic learning experience to his students. Not only this, he has used his personal savings to provide his students facilities that were not available at the government school. How often do we come across teachers as dedicated as him?

She Can’t Walk. Yet She Is Helping Others With Muscular Dystrophy Become Independent

Often when we face challenges in life we get disheartened and give up. Nishtha is an example of sheer courage as she has been fighting muscular dystrophy for several years now, not allowing it to make her a "dependent". Not only this, she is on a mission to spread awareness about the cause and is helping similar patients to overcome this disability and lead "normal" lives. Read her inspiring story of courage and dedication.
Bohri House

The 20-Year Old Engineer Who Is Trying To Save The Rich Heritage Of His Hometown All By Himself

While showing pride in being an Indian, how many of us realize that preserving our country’s heritage and culture is also our responsibility? Vivek Modi has run from pillar to post to preserve the Bohri houses in Gujarat, a one-of-its kind architecture, from being demolished by the ‘increasing urbanization mania’. This article is an inspiring account of Vivek, an engineer by profession, who is doing his bit his way to preserve the heritage of Gujarat.

This Man Travels 20 Kms Every Day Just To Make Education More Interesting For His Students

Unhappy with how burdensome studies can be for students, Kamlesh Zapadiya, a primary school teacher from Gujarat, converted the entire syllabus from 1st to 10th standard into a quiz format to make it more student-friendly and fun. And this, in spite of living on a farm and having limited access to electricity. Read how he did it all.

What This Lady Has Done For Over 5000 Slum Children Has An Important Lesson For All Of Us

Following her father's footsteps, Beena Rao started organizing free coaching classes for slum children in Surat, Gujarat. She has benefited over 5,000 students so far, working with 34 volunteers across the city and giving a holistic education experience to these children. And all of this is free of cost for the children! Read her story of how she brought the change,

Waai Is One Of The Rarest Music Genres Of India. And Now You Get To Listen To This Last Waai Artist.

The Waai style of music is possibly the rarest of the rare music genres of India. Meetha Khan is the last Waai artist. He and Jan Mohammad Jat are descendants of the Jat Muslims from Baluchistan who traversed the rugged terrain and colossal distances through Sindh and brought this invaluable genre to Kutch in Gujarat. And this is perhaps your only chance to listen to this form of music. Yes, it's THAT rare!
The Hospital carries out about 2,200 deliveries every year

SEWA Rural – Taking Development To The Poorest Of Poor In The Remotest Of Remote Villages

When one lives in the city and enjoys excellent health care at one’s beck and call, it is difficult to appreciate the hardships suffered by the poor in remote locations of India. SEWA Rural is an organization that aims at improving the lives of these very deprived people. From healthcare to vocational training, they have been providing holistic development to the needy in Gujarat for 33 years now, and even today, they continue to serve the poor with utmost enthusiasm.
The efficiency of water committees has ensured that the irrigation canals provide adequate water to all farmers in the area.

TBI Water Week: Water Committee Shows the Way to Equal Distribution and Optimum Utilization of Water

Continuing our water series this week, today we profile a few remarkable people and organizations who have turned around several villages in Gujarat, a largely arid part of the country, into fertile agricultural land. This article demonstrates nicely what can be achieved when government agencies, non-governmental organizations and local governance bodies like water committees can work together and inspire community-level participation and ownership.
Leprosy Affected 4

Sahyog – A Unique Village For Over A 1000 Deserted People

There are several people our society does not accept willingly. The leprosy-affected and the mentally handicapped are some of them. Imagine an entire village dedicated to them, where they can live freely and without prejudice, and receive loving care and attention from dedicated staff. This is what Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust in Gujarat attempts to achieve.
Artificial Limb Distribution Camp

Polio Foundation: A Ray of Hope for the Physically Challenged

Imagine someone who cannot walk and has no hope of even having the gift of walking on his own two feet. Polio Foundation has been relentlessly working for 25 years to bring in a ray of light in such darkened lives! Since its birth in Ahmedabad in 1987, the foundation has been striving to fulfill its objective of aiding the physically handicapped children by way of corrective surgery and giving them necessary appliances so that they can walk on their feet without anybody's assistance. This does not merely bring about physical gratification; it also has tremendous impact upon the psychological development of the child coupled with immense happiness to the family. All treatments, care and calipers are provided without any cost to the patients.
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TBI Specials: The Welcome Shores Of Nargol – A History Of The Parsi Community In India

The Parsis may be a small community in terms of numbers, and it would have been quite easy for them to become invisible in this vast country of ours, but their accomplishments and sense of philanthropy has made them stand out. Here's a look at how they landed in India, and managed to flourish while creating a deep respect and adoration in the hearts of Indians. Gangadharan Menon has interacted with his several Parsi friends and traveled to their historically important sites to recreate their history in words and photographs.