Watch: 75-YO Spends Rs 20 Lakh to Build a ‘Bungalow for Birds’

Watch: 75-YO Spends Rs 20 Lakh to Build a ‘Bungalow for Birds’ (edited)

Bhagvanji Rupapara's birdhouse is 140 feet long and has 2,500 earthen pots which shelter thousands of birds.

Bhagvanji Rupapara was inspired by small birdhouses to build a unique contraption for his feathered friends.

Gujarat native Bhagvanji spent Rs 20 lakh to make this birdhouse, or rather a bird bungalow, which is 140 feet long, 70 feet wide and 40 feet high.

He used his land and money to create this gigantic birdhouse.

It was done to provide a safe shelter for birds and protect them from harmful weather conditions. The house was built on a riverbank with over 2,500 earthen pots customised just for this purpose.

Bhagavanji also ensures that no trespassers harm the birds. He is a lover of nature and believes all living beings must be treated equally.

Apart from the shelter, the 75-year-old provides food and water to these birds. Thousands of birds are found here enjoying the space and shelter made by this compassionate human.

Watch how he built this wonderful bird haven: