Orang national park

A Tale of Two Sanctuaries – Orang And Nameri National Parks In Assam

When a virulent epidemic called Black Fever struck their village, all the villagers vacated the place and never returned. Nature healed itself and now it is the location of one of India's most beautiful sanctuaries. Join Gangadharan Menon as he unearths the legends and mysteries surrounding the beautiful Orang and Nameri national parks in Assam, in addition to its stunning wildlife!
Nagaland on the road

TBI Social Enterprise: Kipepeo – Promoting Responsible Tourism In The North East

'Responsible tourism' is a lot more than just "not littering" It is about connecting with the local people and their culture, about leaving the environment in a better state than before, about improving lives of the locals, about giving more than taking, and much more. A travel company in North East India is trying to be 'responsible'. Let's find out how.
Storytelling session in Assam

On World Literacy Day, Susheela’s Kolams Traveled Across The Nation

Pratham Books celebrated International Literacy Day in a unique way - by holding storytelling sessions for thousands of children across India. Read an account of one such session held by our friend and writer in Assam, and learn about the beautiful experience storytelling can be - both for the listener and the teller, while serving as an important educational aid.