Tutored by YouTube, Assam Teen Makes ‘Theft-Proof’ E-Cycle that Goes 60 KM in a Charge

Samrat Nath

Samrat Nath from Assam built a theft-proof e-bicycle by watching YouTube. The e-bike has security features like GPS and a fingerprint sensor.

Samrat Nath, a resident of Karimganj in Assam, was shocked when someone stole his uncle’s bike that he purchased with a loan.

This made Samrat, who was a Class 8 student, look for ideas to prevent bikes from getting stolen. But it was only after school when he joined an Industrial Training Institute (IT), that he was able to do something about it.

Learning to code using YouTube, he made an electric circuit for an e-bicycle.

He went on to purchase a normal bicycle and transformed it into a theft-proof e-bicycle with features like a fingerprint sensor, GPS tracker and a dedicated app linked to it.

With a range of 60 km on a single charge, an app and a burglar alarm, watch the theft-proof e-bike at work right here: