Celebrating Disabilities: Author Malini Chib Sheds New Light on Disability through Her Book

In this excerpt from Disability, Gender and the Trajectories of Power, edited by Asha Hans and published by Sage Publications, Malini Chib, disability rights activist and author, who has cerebral palsy, shares her experiences and observations of the time spent while she got around to developing a strong disability identity that she wants to “celebrate” rather than reject.

Book Excerpt: How an Autism Diagnosis Turned the Worlds of Two Mothers Completely Upside-Down

Whereas all mothers are expected to be selfless and caring, those who are confronted with mothering a disabled child have to literally find their ‘salvation’ in untiring care and sacrifice. Here’s a look at how autism mothers cope in the face of their double-burden, in this excerpt from Embodying Motherhood: Perspectives from Modern India, by Anu Aneja and Shubhangi Vaidya, published by Sage Publication’s Yoda Press.