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A Date With History: 8 Heritage Walks That Should Be on Your Vacation List

Heritage walks are great to explore cities, discover unseen corners and fall in love with history. And they are perfect for everyone -- those who grew up there and those who are on vacation. Here's our list of heritage walks you just cannot miss.

A Date With History: 8 Heritage Walks That Should Be on Your Vacation List

How do the street artists of Mumbai thrive in an age of e-commerce? What were steam engines like back in the day? Why is the Taj of Marwar called so? Google may have the answers, but witnessing them for yourself holds an entirely different magic. 

For the majority of us whose weekends involve endless scrolling on social media, while constantly on the lookout for new things to do and explore, here’s a suggestion: Why not try a heritage walk? Call them story trails, history walks or culture trips, they have come to be the most popular way to rediscover the city where you grew up. 

These heritage walks in India merge the past and present to create experiences that urge you to get out of bed and take a walk down the bylanes of history. 

1. Pan India   

Conducted by Sahapedia — an open online resource on the arts, cultures and heritage of India — these walks are a window into the country’s legacy. They are conducted across cities like Mumbai, Agra, Varanasi, and Shillong, among others, and offer a glimpse of the cultural nuances that shape the history of these regions.

For instance, the Kasera Oli trail organised in Gwalior introduces walkers to the generations of artisans engaged in making iron utensils while the trip to the International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh explores the roots of how gender came to be associated with different toys. 

Check out the walks here

2. Delhi 

The city is a history buff’s paradise. And Enroute Indian History’s morning walks, digital walks and even a specially-curated walk for women at night, celebrates it. The intention behind the women’s special walk was to “create a more inclusive culture where women can enjoy city lights without being hounded by doubts and questions”, mentions the platform.

The group comprising art explorers, heritage mappers and subject matter experts is giving a new spin to the way history is perceived by making it exciting. Some of the trails include a trip to Chandni Chowk and a night stroll at the Safdarjung Tomb. 

Check out the walks here.

3. Lucknow 

Around the 1780s, pockets of Lucknow, such as Husainabad and Daliganj, were inhabited by chefs. In time, these pockets came to be known as ‘Bawarchi Tola’ (a colony of chefs) and remain popular to date for the fare of meaty delicacies they put out. Goat meat, kebabs, taftans and koftas amass a huge fan following every evening.

The Lucknow City Tour conducted by Tornos India allows walkers to discover this gastronomic experience while also introducing them to the Kaiserbagh Palace Complex, the areas of the city that were under siege during the 1850s, and Ayodhya — the birthplace of Lord Rama. 

Check out the walks here

4. Mumbai 

If steaming hot kulhad chai with accompanying crispy pakodas is all it takes to lure you out of the house on weekends, Nikhil Mahashur’s Walkitecture has got it covered. The heritage escapades take walkers through the city, exploring Colaba, South Mumbai and more.

There is never a dull moment as Nikhil’s anecdotes about the city will make you fall in love with Mumbai once again. And as promised, there will be stops at iconic cafes and restaurants along the way, ensuring you are well-fed.  

Check out the walks here.

5. Jaipur 

“A global sum up on everything that is Jaipur” is how Jaipur World Heritage describes itself.

The routes earmarked for the heritage walks include some of the most interesting points of the city — such as Sawai Man Singh Town Hall, where vernacular design is influenced by European trends; the step-wells of Jaipur also known as bavdis; and the Jhalana Leopard Safari, India’s first leopard reserve.

Check out the walks here

6. Kolkata

Are you someone who cannot take history at face value? Do you need to know the story behind every nook and the legacy behind every lane? If yes, then it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that not only are the heritage walks conducted by Calcutta Walks iconic but also the team organising it.

The walk includes some of the most notable names part of redesigning the Calcutta Bungalow; from the 1920s townhouse it was to its more modern form. Choose from their wide range of experiences — ‘Cook as the Bongs do’ cooking tour, the ‘Black Town Walk’ or the trip to Dalhousie Square, which introduces you to British Calcutta.

Check out the walks here.

7. Hyderabad 

The most fascinating part of the city is its cultural and religious diaspora that coexist. Any native would second this claim. And the culinary landscape brimming with so many different flavours is a result of this. A heritage walk conducted by Hyderabad Magic lets people soak in everything the city holds whilst exploring the many layers of the city’s culture.

Through the Charminar Precinct Walk, the Shahi tombs, and the City Crafts tour, you will be exposed to a different side of Hyderabad — one where history has been untouched. 

Check out the walks here.

8. Bengaluru by Foot  

The history of Bengaluru has remained unmediated over time. There is a sense of nostalgia that envelopes anyone who sets foot here, and the heritage walks organised here attempt to capture it. Of the host of walks conducted by Bengaluru by Foot, the most popular one is the Basavanagudi Darshan Heritage Walk, which begins from a tower in Basavanagudi that once served as a lookout post. 

“Then, we move onto a temple which is incidentally named after a bull that used to rampage through the peanut fields here, centuries ago,” reads the site. 

Their other walks include the Malleswaram Darshan Heritage Walk which explores old Bengaluru, and the walks through Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, the iconic Russell market, and the villages where the Malgudi Houses stand. 

Check out the walks here

Edited by Padmashree Pande

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