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Finding An Address In India? Google Maps’ New Plus Codes Will Make It Easier

The Google Plus Codes and the Smart Address Search will make your worry of finding locations, a thing of the past!

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Have you sometimes typed an address that you know for sure in Google Maps, but to your surprise, the search result turned up empty?

Well, you won’t have to be annoyed with that anymore. Google has rolled out two new features to ease your search!

The Google Plus Codes and the Smart Address Search will make your worry of finding locations, a thing of the past!

Let’s take a look at Google Plus Codes. Google has taken the earth and divided into small squares. Each square is assigned a unique ten character code with the first 4 representing the area code and the last 6 nailing down your local area. For example, the code XH2Q+2H3 represents the Lalbagh Botanical garden in Bangalore.

You can search the code, in maps and even in Google search, and it will pinpoint that exact location from where you took that code. The best part is, you can search these codes offline as well to get the result!

Google Maps' Plus Codes will put your address searching habits to rest
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The next feature is the Smart Address. Lengthy addresses and landmarks are common when it comes to Indian addresses and sometimes, entering the entire though correct address, will sometimes yield the message “No Results Found.”

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So for better assistance, Google will try to piece together the searched address and try to understand it based on landmarks, and will eventually give the user a closer location to the address rather than not showing anything at all.

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Along with these two features, the Add An Address feature will also be a noteworthy addition. This feature allows you to submit new or missing addresses in the locality, and Google will ensure that the address is searchable in due course after verification.

This is not all. Google Maps is now launching voice navigation in six additional Indian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

With these features, Google intends to hit the right spot for the growth of technology in India, as Plus Codes integration in business will help them grow whereas the native voice navigation will be a boon Indians all over.

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