We Haven’t Come Across An Act Of Kindness As Selfless As This. Have you?

He spends his days and nights at a railway station, lives a life of poverty and hunger without any source of income or help. But he makes sure that the stray dogs around him are fed properly every day. He sacrifices his food for these animals and this has been his life for 30 years now. Can an act of kindness be as selfless as this? Watch the heart-warming video of this amazing man.
No matter what the ailment, be it a headache, fever or stomach flu, besides pregnancy related issues, Pankajani Behra is always ready for action, eager to help any one in need. (Credit: Azera Rehman\WFS)

TBI Heroes: Pankajani Delivers Good Health And Hope

An accredited social health activist (ASHA) in her remote, often flood-ravaged village in Odisha, Pankajani not only saves lives on a daily basis but goes way beyond her call of duty to be available to her wards at all times spreading awareness, dispensing advice and curing ills. Her dedication is plainly visible as she recalls painful memories of last year's floods in Odisha and the steps she took to ensure that the situation in her village remained under control.
A Patta Chitra

Raghurajpur: India’s Cultural Hub

Raghurajpur, a small village in Puri district, Orissa is known for its heritage. Inhabited by artisans producing sheer poetry on pieces of treated cloth, dried palm leaf or paper, Raghurajpur has nurtured age...