These Mothers From Mizoram Are Weaving A Strong Future

They toil day and night for a meager income. They struggle every day to bring to us an ancient tradition in the best of its form. They work with utter brilliance; their skills have been passed on for generations. However, the bearers of this tradition are among the least rewarded craftsmen (or rather, craftswomen) in the country. Meet the weavers of Mizoram - and lend them a helping hand!

Meet The Woman Who Has Been Leading Mizo Women’s Push For Legal Reforms For 40 Years!

While growing up in her home state of Mizoram, Pi Sangkhumi witnessed various atrocities and injustice meted out to women. She realized that it was largely due to the archaic laws, regressive customs, and low levels of literacy and awareness among women. She made it her life's mission to make things right, and now, after 40 years of hard work, she has reason to smile!