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Viral Video of ‘Cloud Waterfall’ in Mizoram Wows Netizens: Here’s Why It Happens

Clouds flowing down the mountains

A mesmerising video from Aizawl in Mizoram is going viral on Twitter for showing a 'cloud waterfall'. We explain the scientific reason behind this rare phenomenon.

A video highlighting the scenic beauty of Aizawl city in Mizoram is going viral on the internet. In the 30-second clip, clouds are seen floating down a mountainous region like a fluffy waterfall. This phenomenon is scientifically named ‘Orographic clouds’, popularly known as ‘waterfall clouds’.

Here’s what happens:

When stable air encounters a mountain, it is lifted upwards. As it rises, the air cools down and the water vapour condenses, making it visible as a cloud. When these clouds reach the mountain top, they become heavier than the surrounding environment and descend from the mountain, much like a waterfall.

Take a look at this mesmerising phenomenon at Aizawl:

After seeing this, netizens shared videos of cloud waterfalls they have witnessed in other states.

Here’s one from Andhra Pradesh:

Another, from Tamil Nadu: