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Meet the IIT Graduate Who Runs a Free Counselling Centre for the Needy

Modern urban life, exciting and rewarding as it may be for many, brings its own share of problems. People feel isolated being away from family, don’t have time to make lasting friends, and often feel depressed. Helping Hand volunteers counsel those who have no one else to turn to and provide support to mental health professionals as well. Read more about this unique organization.
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MY STORY: The Organization That Taught Me the True worth of an Education

An education is empowerment. An education gives a student the world, hidden within the pages of a book or the words of a teacher. An education to a child is what a cocoon is to a caterpillar: an opportunity to grow wings and enter the world as a beautiful mind. (Based) Ashwini Charitable Trust supports underprivileged children in their quest for just such an education.

Tune in to 90.4 FM Sarathi Jhalak – a Women Run Community Radio Station in Rural Karnataka

Sarathi Jhalak is a community radio station owned and run primarily by women in rural Karnataka. Over the past three years, the station has become a very important part of the lives of local people. But they are now facing some serious financial issues because of which it is becoming difficult for the radio to sustain itself. They need your help. And this is how you can contribute.