He Did Not Go To An Engineering College But Created India’s First Electric Concept Bike

Santhosh's love for machines was evident from childhood. Financial restrictions and responsibilities did not allow him to pursue a full-fledged career in the engineering field, but he did not give up and created India's first electric concept bike all on his own. Not only this, he has several mentions in the Limca Book of records for his various inventions.

This Young Team Is Spreading Hope And Love In The Lives Of Those Who Need It The Most

The satisfaction you get by spreading little joys among the less privileged cannot be expressed. From healthcare to elderly care, this team of young enthusiasts is all about spreading joy in the lives of those who need it the most. Their aim is to make social work a little more fun. Hope Springs believes in using their passion and talent to change lives. What's more - its so easy that you can do it too!
He developed interest in the sport at a very young age and has been following his passion since then.

He Joined A Golf Resort As A Daily Wage Worker. Today He Is A Golfing Star!

Born in a poor family, Chikkarangappa joined a golf resort as a worker to earn a paltry wage of Rs.50 per day. Today, he is a winner in this sport of the rich. Having started by using a tree branch to practice golf swings, his passion made him win his first trophy at the tender age of 11. Read more to know how this farmer's boy became a golfing sensation.

They Have Saved 12 Leopard Cubs, 1000s of Other Animals & Educated 20,000 People About Wildlife

Concerned about the human-wildlife conflicts and the poor awareness on how to deal with it, Suresh Kumar and Jaishankar started Vanamitra to teach people to co-exist with the wild. They have reunited 12 leopard cubs with their mothers, rescued several specieis of wildlife and sensitized over 20,000 people about wildlife conservation. Read more about their amazing and daring initiatives and how they do it.
The wail of a train engine

In Photos: A Monsoon Train Journey In The Ghats

There is something fascinating about train journeys. Trains are much more than just a mode of transport. As the train moves forward smoothly passing through beautiful locations and landscapes, we all fall in love with it. The journey becomes all the more amazing during the monsoon when the fresh rain cleans the surrounding and makes it a journey to remember. Have a glimpse of the lush monsoons in the Western Ghats.
santosh kaveri2

The Young Rural Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Hundreds Of Farmers With His Low-Cost Innovations

A real hero does not need external support. Santosh Kaveri, born in a poor farmer family, has changed the lives of hundreds of farmers through his simple low-cost innovations. Read his story to know how he fought against all odds, completed his education and developed some awesome machines which are helping farmers across 10 villages today!
A student’s savings passbook

See-Saws Pumping Water, Children Saving With Pass Books And Growing Vegetables In Schools – How Is All This Happening?

Read how children playing on see saws ensures that there is water in the overhead tank, how one headmaster has helped children in his school save Rs. 25,000 and how children are learning the value of growing their food - all through the role played by local communities linked to schools called School Management Committees.

Watch The Bandhavi Story: An Initiative To Help The Daughters of Devadasis

Bandhavi is an initiative by the Bangalore-based organization Visthar. Bandhavi is Visthar’s initiative for girls who are at risk of being dedicated as devadasis. Currently 100+ girls hailing from villages in North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh participate in a residential school program that enables them to grow as individuals, as well as build a community that lives in love, respect, trust and friendship.