Ex-NASA Engineer Returns to India, Builds Three-Wheeler EVs For Rough Roads

Altigreen commercial EV

Lucknow-based Amitabh Saran launched Altigreen — an electric vehicle (EV) technology solutions company

Noticing how the poor air quality in India claims 4 lakh lives, Amitabh Saran, a former NASA engineer, decided to launch Altigreen. The startup builds commercial electric vehicles that are equipped with multiple innovations and features that suit Indian roads.

His latest innovative product, Altigreen neEV, can travel at least 150 km on a single charge and carry heavy loads.

Moreover, the company offers a ‘fit and forget’ kit. With it, one need not buy a new vehicle and can convert their existing cars into a hybrid model.

Click here to check out all the features of the product:

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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