Invisible Heroes Of Everyday: The Glass Cleaners

They risk their lives everyday for a meager wage. They hang from tall buildings without any harness. They clean the shining glass that we like to flaunt in our beautiful offices and buildings. They do not have any insurance cover and nowhere to go to in case of an injury. Lets learn a little more about the real heroes of everyday - the glass cleaners.

TBI Invisible Heroes Of Everyday: The Jugaad Mechanic

Though we give our fancy cars to service stations for the repairing and servicing, but it is our very own Jugaad mechanic who comes to a rescue when we need the most. He is much more than someone who repairs your machine, he knows your family and you can always count on him for a quick fix. He could repair anything from imported cars to the local ones. The affordable charges, easy access and reliability is something that makes us count on this guy.

TBI Invisible Heroes Of Everyday: Roadside Sellers Of PoP Dreams

As we drive around, we have often caught sight of brightly coloured statues and other items laid out on footpaths or hanging from tree branches. But how often have we stopped to ask the sellers, not the price, but about their lives? Where do they come from? Do they make enough for a comfortable living? Take a peek into their lives today, and tell us what you find out the next time.