Indian Air Force Champions Gender Equality in the Skies With This Powerful Video About Women Pilots

The video challenges the common perception that women are not "tough" enough to fight alongside men in protecting the nation's borders.

As society continues to progress in the 21st century, women too, continue to break gendered barriers that used to hold them back in the future. As women increasingly defy their own stereotypes, the community also needs to recognise that there is really no job that a woman cannot do.

And that’s exactly the message behind the latest video released by the Indian Air Force that challenges one to re-think just what a woman in capable of.

The video quietly subverts the kind of stereotypes that are often foisted onto women. The one-minute short, titled Ladki Hoon Main (I am a Girl) depicts a female pilot from the Indian Air Force as she goes about her duties. The background narration opposes the common perception that people hold about women, including that they may not be “tough” enough to fight alongside men when it comes to protecting the nation’s borders.

The video ends with a powerful message in support of gender equality noting, “”.

The various arms and units of the Indian armed forces, which have traditionally been dominated by men, are now making a conscientious effort to make the profession more inclusive for women as well. In June 2016, the Indian Air Force inducted its first batch of women pilots—Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh and Bhawna Kanth—into its fighter squadron. However, it must be noted that the induction and the subsequent programme to include women in the fighter squadron is being undertaken as part of a five-year experiment to study the feasibility of such an undertaking.

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We are sure this video will inspire million of girls in India, not just ones that dream of protecting the nation’s borders.

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