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Two Super Brave Kids Caught a Burglar Who Broke into Their Home in Delhi

When two thieves decided to break into a house in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, they wouldn’t have imagined that a pair of school children will become their worst nightmare, and will ruin their plans.

12-year-old Akshit, and his 16-year-old sister, Akshita, returned after school at about 2:00pm on December 8. To their surprise, the door at the entrance of their first floor flat was wide open, and another wooden door was locked from inside.


Inset Image Source: Times of India

Thinking that their mother might be home, the children knocked. But instead, a man’s voice asked – “Who is it?” Without being scared, or thinking about running to call for help, Akshit climbed up a few stairs to peep through a vent above the door. He saw two men rushing towards the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Akshita went downstairs to guard the bedroom’s balcony, which turned out to be a very intelligent decision. Because after a few minutes, the thieves came to the balcony to jump off and escape.

Akshita was standing right there when they did, and she instantly caught one of them, calling her brother for help. He tried to break free from her clutches, but all in vain.

“He slapped me a few times and also tried to strangulate me. My brother reached the spot and held him tightly,” she told The Times of India.

The other thief ran away. By this time, the children were continuously shouting for help. Within a few minutes, the neighbours and a security guard came to help the brave duo. They used a rope to tie the burglar and called the police. Parents of the kids were also informed.

According to the police, the thief is a 20-year-old man named Nitin. Further interrogation revealed that he is a member of a burglary gang that includes an auto driver and two others. He has named some people and police officials are now trying to catch them. The stolen items have not been recovered yet. They took away some cash and jewellery worth Rs. 5 lakh. They also took some shampoo bottles, deodorants and clothes.

Akshita is a student of class X, while Akshit studies in class VII. Their presence of mind and fearless attitude will now help the authorities in putting the notorious buglers behind bars.

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