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Didn’t Qualify UPSC, Still Inspires Hundreds: Why an Aspirant’s ‘No-Selection’ Post Is Going Viral

Kunal Virulkar’s post on X about not being selected for UPSC CSE celebrates the efforts of every aspirant. Here's why it’s important to support this narrative.

Didn’t Qualify UPSC, Still Inspires Hundreds: Why an Aspirant’s ‘No-Selection’ Post Is Going Viral

Whenever the result of an examination is declared, the focus naturally gravitates towards the toppers and high achievers, particularly in competitive settings like the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) CSE (Civil Services Examination).

Amidst the celebration of success, however, it’s important to ponder the fate of those who fell short.

On 16 April, the UPSC CSE results were unveiled, showcasing the inspiring narratives of the victors and achievers. Yet, amidst these tales of triumph, one post stood out for a different reason. It didn’t glorify success but rather emphasised the significance of failure and the resilience it fosters.

Kunal R Virulkar, a UPSC aspirant posted on X, about not cracking the exam.

He wrote, “12 attempts, 7 mains, 5 interviews. No selection… Shayad zindagi ka doosra naam hi sangarsh hai (Maybe the other name for life is struggle).”

Kunal’s post — which has garnered over 2.6 million views and 30,000 likes so far — has garnered attention from IAS and IPS officers, as well as other professionals and students. They lauded his unwavering determination and remarkable resilience.

IPS officer Bhisham Singh wrote, “Hard work never goes to waste. You will achieve bigger (things) than this. Studying for UPSC or any other exam or even general readings can never be a waste of time.”

IAS officer Manuj Jindal wrote, “I can tell from your resilience that no one can stop you from achieving your goals. Best of luck and please let me know if I can help in anyway!”

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According to his bio, Kunal is an engineer and a UPSC mentor. His journey serves as a powerful lesson in resilience, showing everyone the significance of perseverance. His example shines light on the importance of celebrating failures and emphasising the qualities and skills honed throughout the journey — a practice that children and aspirants should embrace, just as Kunal did!

Edited by Pranita Bhat, Feature Image Courtesy Kunal Virulkar

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