Kallanai Dam

One Of The Oldest In The World, This Dam Exemplifies The Amazing Engineering Marvels Of India

Built around 2,000 years ago across the Cauveri River in Tiruchirapalli District of Tamil Nadu, the Kallanai Dam is still in excellent condition and used as a major irrigation dam even now. The dam has been inspiration to many modern day dams too due to amazing engineering. Read more to know about this unique example of the amazing architecture and engineering of ancient India.
“We've learnt to smile during adversities. We'll now learn to fight them!”

These Engineering Students At Vellore Are Showing Us What It Really Means to Be ‘Working For Others’

How a group of Engineering students from Vellore Institute of Technology have come together (despite their hectic academic schedules) to start helping the communities around them in small baby steps - conducting medical camps in schools, teaching children about dental health, teaching parents about sanitation, etc.
Children enjoyng the music

Tarang: A Symphony Binding Special Children Into An Inclusive Society

A new program in Chennai is enabling differently-abled children and children with special needs to experience the joys of music, dance and other art forms in a comfortable and non-invasive environment. With performances from stellar artists, this organization aims at including these children in the cultural space that is largely denied to them due to their peculiarities, and allowing them to immerse themselves in the therapeutic effects of creative arts.
Sevalaya runs the Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School, where Computer education is part of lower classes too

Sevalaya – Service For All

Read about a remarkable organization working from villages in Tamil Nadu, and exemplifying service in its every deed. With various initiatives ranging from orphanages and a school to medical care and an old-age home, it is interesting to note how they manage the many activities, and how these complement each other and come together as one cohesive whole.