Child with his grandmother.

Lost and Found: The Innocent Children of Prisoners

From counselling them to reuniting the families, Global Network for Equality is helping the children of prisoners live a better life. Taking a scientific approach, GNE has made significant improvements in the lives of these innocent kids and is giving them opportunities that are sorely missing in their present circumstances. Read all about their work here.
Education has always been Kani's dream. After Kani finishes
with her work, Gita, her employer, sits down with her and they study
together. (Credit: Kirthi Jayakumar\WFS)

Homes Become Schools As Employers Turn Teachers

Kani was forced to drop out of school when she was young. Today, she works as a domestic helper but is seeing a new ray of hope as her employer Gita is enabling her to read and write. Many women like Kani in Chennai are on their way to literacy, all thanks to their wonderful employers. Read about Kani and Gita's life-changing journey.

Introducing Padmini Prakash, India’s First Transgender Television News Anchor

Like other members of this sexual minority, Padmini Prakash too faced her share of social stigma and discrimination which made her abandon her family and education. But her difficulties only helped her grow stronger as she became the first transgender TV news anchor in the country five months after the Supreme Court legally declared this community as a third gender.
Persons with disabilities are taught to be self-sufficient at WORTH

For 50 Years, They Have Been Adding Worth To The Lives Of Thousands Of Persons With Disability

From helping those abandoned by family and friends due to leprosy to making people with disability independent, WORTH Trust is covering all grounds to make life a better place for them. And this September they complete 50 years of dedication and hard work. This is their story of compassion and love and how they are making little differences in the lives of those who need it the most.

The 73-Year Old Librarian Who Has Been Donating Every Rupee He Earned To The Poor For 30 Years!

Kalyanasundaram has given a whole new definition to charity. He never married and took up odd part-time jobs to make ends meet as he donated every single rupee he ever earned as a librarian - even his pension of Rs.10 lakhs and award of Rs.30 crores! Read more to know the inspiring tale of the exceptional contributions made by a simple man.
elephant video2

Can Man And Elephant Co-Exist? Yes, And All You Need Is A Mobile Phone!

When thick dense forests were converted into tea plantations, the change was hard to accept for elephants. This forest is their home and they can't leave it. With humans residing in the area, an unexpected encounter with each other creates chaos. The situation needs a solution and this team has managed to find a simple and effective one. Watch this beautiful and amazingly shot video to know more.
Kallanai Dam

One Of The Oldest In The World, This Dam Exemplifies The Amazing Engineering Marvels Of India

Built around 2,000 years ago across the Cauveri River in Tiruchirapalli District of Tamil Nadu, the Kallanai Dam is still in excellent condition and used as a major irrigation dam even now. The dam has been inspiration to many modern day dams too due to amazing engineering. Read more to know about this unique example of the amazing architecture and engineering of ancient India.